Sailing to the Moon

Gave you a little hint last month on my Pirate’s blog on what we will be reviewing today. If you couldn’t figure it out, we will be talking about Sailor Moon.

Not really one of the shows I watched regularly as it was more for girls. I did however catch it as it came on with my other ‘cartoons’ in the old days. This has some romance, but there was only one main male character. Luckily however, it is not a harem show as it dealt with the girls and their issues.

Our main character, Serena Tsukino, ends up meeting a cat. Not just any cat, but a talking cat named Luna (go figure). She ends up telling her that she is this great fighter of justice and she is needed to help fight against the Dark Kingdom. What we actually find out is that she was sent into the future by the Moon Princess to protect the Earth. Along with other Sailor Senshi (as well as our Male lead Tuxedo Mask) to help in the battle against these villains.

Besides the Sailor Moon, you also have the ‘Sailor Scouts’ which are named after each of the other planets – Sailor Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. This was before Pluto was classified not a planet anymore – but I digress. Now they don’t all come out together, but some are brought in as the show proceeds.

Now out of all these girls, there is only one other hero who just happens to be a male character. I guess you need a ‘masked magician’ to come to your rescue if you are in need. It is funny as he throws a red rose down to mark his entrance. Very romantic and mysterious – wooooo. You get the sense that there is a relation brewing and it does.

Now we switch over to the ‘Dark Side’ and look at the villains of the Dark Kingdom. They happen to be lead by Queen Beryl. They actually destroyed the old Moon Kingdom and want to insure they don’t come back. What they actually want to do is bring life back to Metalia. In order to do this, they need to suck the life out of humans using monsters that are summoned by one of her 4 Shitennou. Of course, Sailor Moon and company are here to stop them and save Humanity and Earth.

Even in the US, this has been a huge hit and merchandised well, but not as much as others. It is funny that I was walking in an Antique / Consignment store and actually found some of their merchandise. Even though this has pretty much ended, it is continually being revisited. There has been games and live action movies which keep this anime alive. I think it really was a great show that made girls feel empowered to be more than they were no matter the obstacles.

This group of characters has been heavily cosplayed for years and for good reason. Everyone wanted to be Sailor Moon as she was the lead. What made this great though, was that f you had a small group of friends, then you could as the team. This really got you some attention at any convention.

As for my next blog, lets just say it is a very famous singer that started only as artwork and a figure.

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