How to Be an Excellent Cosplayer in a Team Competition?

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After knowing how to make cosplay props such as shoes cover, macross frontier sheryl nome microphone and how to pose gracefully for cosplay photographing, we plan to talk about tips on improving your cosplay performance here. To be an excellent cosplayer in a team game, just keep reading please.

First, choose a right team. Actually, this is a two-way choice. Cosplayers can choose their favorite teams and teams will set rules on choosing cosplayers. You should take this seriously because you will need to consider lots of aspects while acting after becoming a member in a group. In many cases, you can choose according to the theme, anime character, your time, economic power and also your technique in making cosplay props.

Second, understand the whole team and be familiar with team members. At least, you should know how to contact the proprieter. Communicate with the proprieter timely whenever you meet a problem. This is a guarantee for you and also for the team. A group should be united. You can dislike a certain person there. But you must adapt yourself to the entire aura and rhythm of the team.

Third, understand the character you will cosplay. At least, you should take a closer look at his/her costume, prop, wig and accessories. Try to imitate his/her expressions and movement. Besides, to get a clear understanding for his/her relationship is also necessary. Take Sanada Yukimura in the Warring States as an example. He wears a blue lining, blue pants, white coat, white skirt, blue sash, red hair band, red gloves, armor and weapon of a cross spear. Sanada Yukimura is the hero in the game of Warning States, seeming handsome and honest. Honored as “the strongest warrior in Warning States”, he serves for Takeda, having a few words and often being accompanied by Kunoichi. He also has relationships with Inahime and Kaihime. Referring to his voice and words, you should collect information as much as you can, such as collecting some pictures, videos, games etc. Then, compare them with the former two editions. One day when you find you say and behave like the fictional role, you have done well in cosplay.

Fourth, pay more attention to costumes and props. Skilled cosplayers usually have their own tailors and prop workers. When new cosplayers can ask them for help, they will introduce you some experienced tailors or prop workers. If you ask someone to make costumes and props for you, you will need to pay for them undoubtedly, because they will make clothes and props over and over again till meeting your requirements. If you are just suggested with a tailor by other people, just pay close attention to each step. In this case, you will never find your suit has not been made or the prop can’t be used at all. Besides, most cosplay costumes and props, even though they are made by skilled tailors or come from well-known brands, will need to be altered according to your own figure to make you seem more vivid and feel more comfortable.

Fifth, go to rehearsals timely and work there with high efficiency. Qualified cosplayers must be punctual, efficient and make good rehearsals. You will be informed with the time for rehearsal ahead of schedule. And the time is often fixed. Thus, just well arrange your time. Don’t be absent for silly excuses, such as joining a friend’s birthday party because one member’s absence will cause a bad effect to the whole team. During the rehearsal time, don’t talk about something that is irrelevant with rehearsal or cosplay. Some cosplayers think they can do well on the stage even though they do not perform well during the rehearsal. However, this will make other members not control their actions on the stage because of not having a clear idea about your performance. This will be a big no-no!

Sixth, don’t be absent on the last rehearsal. All costumes and accessories have been ready one week before competition. Everybody has made his/her costume fit the body shape. Here, some general items for cosplay should be prepared, including tissues, wet tissues, skin cream, hairpin, pins, fishing line, hairnet, hot melt adhesive, lighter, pomade, and false eyelashes. Sun cream and foundation make-up are necessary if cosplayers have skin allergy. At the night before competition, you should pack up all stuffs. Iron the costume once again and comb the wig. Armor should be placed in a box and meanwhile, avoid using plastic papers to cover the armor because of rain on the second day. Shape the eyebrow, shave the beards, unhairing, wash your head, face, do skin-care mask and sleep early. To listen to some music is good for reviewing your actions. Go together with other cosplayers and arrive at the completion place early because you need to change the clothes. In order to protect the stuffs, you had better put costumes and props into a big box and use cloth bags and trucks if possible.

Seventh, keep a good emotion on the competition spot to make sure you will perform well. Date a person in advance to make up for you. And you should know how to wear the costume quickly. Girls should be careful about being peeped because of exposing too much. Team members should help each other. While using hairspray or eye shadow, be more cautious please. Don’t spill them to other people’s clothes or props and clear them finally. Bare foot is not allowed for cosplayers. Shoes well protect you from being hurt. Do not sway your weapons randomly to avoid hurting anybody. Take care of your private stuffs. You’d better not bring some expensive things to the spot, such as PSP. Wallet, phone and identity cards should be well saved after you change the clothes. Finally, follow guidance from the organizer and try your best to perform well.

Eighth, don’t be nervous while catwalk show or expressing the story. Catwalk show is one of the most important parts during rehearsals, which is a part of performance and different with usual walking. Grasp skills you learned before. Then, when it comes to individual performance, you should attach much importance on imitating the imaginary character’s personality and try your best to imitate. Expressions in eyes take a crucial role. If you are nearsighted, wear contact lens please. Another key point is to face towards audience or judges. Before stepping on the stage, find out through which angle you can show your best. To look up and show your big jaw will certainly be bad. Accidents often happen on the stage, such as a certain person walks wrongly. In this case, just walk your own and make up if possible. If your prop or costume is suddenly broken, do not feel nervous and just continue your walking along with the music rhythm. Then, the ability to adapt yourself to changing circumstances is significant, which is often accumulated from previous cosplay experiences. Referring to the story, you can express your emotion by words and body language. Don’t move too stiffly and steal the show. Nor do let other people steal your show. Finally, don’t stop moving while immersed in the story. If there are dialogues, make sure you have remembered them. Just bear this in mind: you are a part on the stage and try your best to coordinate with others.

Ninth, follow guidance after the completion and take photos as souvenirs. While taking pictures with audience, control your emotion please. Don’t gather at crowded places. After taking off the make-up, pack up your stuffs and clean rubbish. Don’t leave alone and help team members tidy props. Finally, as cosplay wigs are often hot and can’t washed, you will need to iron and waiting for their drying. Complement usually used items and clean up make-up tools.

Tenth, check photos and videos after the competition. If necessary, make some alterations on them. Meanwhile, if problems happen in the team, suggest kindly. Below are ten no-nos. Individualism, subjectivism, disobeying team moral, acting only according to your own favor and destroying the collective status are disallowed.

  • Unreasonable time arrangement and making props in haste to cause a poor quality are disallowed.
  • Not punctual and affecting the emotion of other members because of forgetting some important item are disallowed.
  • A poor status because of playing game or drinking in a bar before the completion and feeling tired on the competition are disallowed.
  • Frequent absence is disallowed.
  • Making promises randomly on costume and prop cost, yet breaking your promise is disallowed.
  • Being unable to arrange your time or join in other teams to cause contradiction among different groups are disallowed.
  • Making random or bad ratings on other teams and personal attacks are disallowed.
  • Expanding contradictions by widely posting online to make the circumstance become worse is disallowed.
  • A bad joining motive is disallowed.

To be an excellent cosplay, just pay close attention to above tips. More information can be found on