Daily Cosplay – Mirai Suenaga Cosplay

Mirai Suenaga Cosplay

Mirai Suenaga, who is the site mascot character for Culture Japan, also becomes a hot theme for cosplay. Above picture definitely shows you an excellent Mirai Suenaga cosplay. It’s done by an American girl, who is known as Maridah at DA. Seldom will a girl look great with an orange costume. But this time, I’m surprised about how appealing she is :P. Blond hair also ideally flatters her white skin tone. Except this one, she has done many other stunning cosplay works, like Saber, Ayuzawa, Hinagiku, Tsumugi, etc cosplay. This pretty girl is a fan for anime and Star Wars. Being experienced in cosplay, she may bring you some inspirations about enriching your own performance. To see those great cosplay photos, just pay a visit to her site now.