Interview with Bleach Cosplay Contest Winner Michelle Garcia

1Two contests related to Bleach cosplay and Axis Powers Hetalia fanart were held last month and this is the interview with one of winners – Michelle Garcia. Congratulations, Michelle and huge thanks for accepting our interview :D!

Michelle will be sponsored with the Bleach Gin Ichimaru Arrancar Cosplay Costume. Later, she will share us her photos with the costume worn. Let’s expect ~~

1. Since cosplay becomes more and more popular, how do you think about the good things and also bad things on this performance art?

A: Well I think that cosplay is good because it helps you understand the character you portraying. I feel that there is no bad at this performing arts :D!

2. Do you consider yourself a “cosplayer” year round, or only when participating in certain activities?

A: I consider a cosplayer year round because I go to many cons and expos in the years also go to festivals to cosplaying :D.

3. Going to a venue with many people to watch you in costume and simply taking a photograph, which one is more meaningful?

A: To me going with many people to watch not only me but other wonderful cosplayers is meaningful to me 😀 what would be the use of a photograph if you’re not there with friends that are also cosplayers :D.

4. Is the creation of the costume or characters more valuable than the actual acting or vice versa, or is it a mix? As well, how much of the do-it-yourself mentality is admired? If someone just bought their whole costume, are they still a true cosplayer?

A: I personally think it’s a mix because even if you have a awesome costume you may not even know how to act the character well or you may know how to act well but the costume is horrible, so I think it’s more like combinding the costume and the character acting into one :D. To do it yourself mentality is admired if you know how to :D. I think they still are because even if they are new to cosplay as long as that person who bought the whole costume is indeed a true cosplayer :D.

5. Which contest theme do you mostly want to see at

A: Bleach, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy :D.

Winners Announced!!!

Bleach cosplay contest and Axis Powers Hetalia fanart contest have both ended yesterday. Since 15 people joined in the Bleach contest and 13 people applied for the Hetalia contest, there should be 2 winners for each contest as promised. See the winner list below.

Bleach Contest

Mason Monds

Top 1: Mason Monds (699 votes = 688 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 11 extra votes).

Michelle Garcia

Top 2: Michelle Garcia (305 votes = 295 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).

Axis Powers Hetalia Contest

La Tobba

Top 1: La Tobba (113 votes = 103 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).


Top 2: Italian Pasta (97 votes = 87 votes from FB, Twitter & Google + 10 extra votes).

Congratulations :P. Today, we will announce contest themes for February here. To win a free cosplay costume and popularize yourself, don’t be hesitant to send us your application form now!!!

Bleach Cosplay Contest in January – Michelle Garcia


Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Michelle Garcia
Gender: Female
Nationality: Hispanic/latino
Social Networks:




Hi I’m Michelle and well I love anime and cosplay 😀 I also love to draw so if you want please check out my DA and Facebook too 😀 also I do play guitar and also play tennis(anyone want to do a cosplay tennis match? lols). I make some of my outfits like my Sora outfit that’s not yet done. I’m currently working on my Sasuke outfit so yey me when it’s done. I have different cosplays such as Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Bleach, and soon Vampire Knight. You can find me walking around the park in Los Angeles (won’t say where) and just chilling in my room working on my art and trying to improve. I also do make photo shoots here in Los Angeles for my friends so I can put them up on FB and DA. I also help my dad in making my props and well try to see what I could cosplay as. I do my make up on my own and I have to help my sister in her make up, and if anyone need to do a makeup for your cosplay I can do it for you 😀 no charge. I think that’s about it 😀


Michelle’s Bleach Cosplay Performance

Character: Aizen

Description: Me as aizen sorry I don’t have a lot of pics of myself only



Here’s a simple interview:

Q: How did you know our contest? And how much have you known about

A: I learned about this contest from my friend on Deviant Art. I don’t know much about

Q: Is Bleach cosplay your favorite theme? Which character from Bleach do you most like? Is the costume for this character covered here or in our store?

A: Yes I Love Bleach it is my Most Favorite Favorite Character is both Ulquiorra and Grimmjow. Yes I think, and if I do win I would like the Ulquiorra or the Grimmjow Outfit:D.

Q: What’s your first cosplay? How do you think about it? Is there any photo shared with us?

A: My First Cosplay was Yoruichi From Bleach. I think about it as my first love sort of feeling to me. Yes there is one with me as yoruichi and two clouds sorry I really don’t have a lot of pictures of just me.

Q: Is there any cosplay plan recently? Or which cosplay convention are you interested in taking part in?

A: There is a cosplay plan; I hope to cosplay as either Ulquiorra or Grimmjow for this year’s anime expo 2012. All of Anime Expos and Comikazes.

Q: How long will you continue to do cosplay? Or do you think you will do it all the time? What does cosplay mean to you? Is there any element rather attractive for you?

A: I will continue to cosplay for a very long time I hope:D. I think I will cosplay all the time if I could :D. Cosplay means THE WORLD to me. It’s like I’m getting to know the character:D. I find cosplay attractive because it gets you to change your appearance and it looks awesomeXD.

Q: We will be interested to know the most memorable moment you got during cosplay.

A: i recently participated in the anime expo 2011 and also the comikaze. my favorite part about going to cons is that you get to meet cosplayer there and you get new friends too 😀 also the most memorable part is that you feel that you belong and also you feel that this was definitely worth the hours in making your cosplays when someone asked to take your picture

Q: It’s believed our cosplay fans will be grateful if you can share us with your experience in this performance art. What’s the most important aspect for a cosplay beginner?

A: The important aspects for a beginner cosplayer is that to be yourself, don’t let people intimidate you and have fun with the cosplay you do:D

Q: Do your family members support you? Do you often talk about your cosplay works with them? Do they also love what you’ve done?

A: My mom really doesn’t get it and sometime she tells me it’s dumb but she still supports me, my dad is 100% supportive and also help makes my props like my keyblade and swords, he’s the best :D, and lastly my older sister she is also a cosplayer and cosplays with me in the same series with me. She also helps me make my outfits and helps me buy some of them.:D I do talk mostly with my dad and sister about what cosplays should I go as and what other prop can we make. My dad love what I’ve done so far, my mom she likes when I look cute, and my sister is always happy when I do her anime makeup.


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Michelle Garcia

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