Cosplayer Interview with Astellecia


Astellecia, thank you so much for accepting our interview. Wanna know more about this cosplay talent? You can take a look at the interview below.

1. Since cosplay becomes more and more popular, how do you think about the good things and also bad things on this performance art?

I think a good thing is that as more people join the circle you see the level of cosplayers rising, there are more and more amazing people and costumes to look at and learn from and more resources generally for everyone (and more friends to make and fangirl with!!) On the downside, I guess more people makes the scene more competitive, it makes it harder to make friends when people stick to their own groups.


2. Do you consider yourself a “cosplayer” year round, or only when participating in certain activities?

Personally I only consider myself a ‘cosplayer’ when I’m actually doing things related to this hobby, other times I’m just plain old me~ I think it’s a really great and fun interest to have and while I put alot of time and effort into it, at the end of the day I still keep it separated from the other parts of my life.

3. Going to a venue with many people to watch you in costume and simply taking a photograph, which one is more meaningful?

Wow, that’s a tough question D: I think both are meaningful in different ways. Cosplaying at an event I guess is really a test of how well you know your character, having to pose and just ‘being in character’ on the spot, while taking a photo at a shoot requires alot of preparation beforehand for it to turn out well. I really can’t say, I think both are just as important >.<


4. Is the creation of the costume or characters more valuable than the actual acting or vice versa, or is it a mix? As well, how much of the do-it-yourself mentality is admired? If someone just bought their whole costume, are they still a true cosplayer?

For me I think both the “cos” and the “play” elements in being a cosplayer are equally important, there’s no point having a beautiful costume if you don’t know your character and vice versa, the two just can’t be divorced from each other. As much as I would love to make all my costumes myself (and I really admire those who do their own props and outfits) sometimes I myself have to turn to tailors because of time constraints with work and school. I have nothing against people who buy costumes simply because having sewn quite a few costumes myself I understand it’s not an easy skill to pick up. As long as one tries their best to portray their character in terms of costume and acting I think it doesn’t really matter if they buy their costumes if they are honest about it.


5. Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?

Cosplay a character you love, even if you pick a character for the costume, learn to love them. I think it really shows when you truly adore the character you are cosplaying and I love seeing that kind of passion in other cosplayers

6. Which contest theme do you mostly want to see at

I have been seeing alot of water-themed cosplay photos recently, like underwater shoots and shots in the sea/waterfalls etc. I think a water-themed contest would be awesome ~

Daily Cosplay – Kuroshitsuji Doll Cosplay

Kuroshitsuji Doll Cosplay1

Astellecia comes from Singapore. Above picture shows her Kuroshitsuji Doll cosplay. I do feel curious about how many people are fascinated about her look :D. She seems irresistibly graceful here with the white dress. Exquisite umbrella in white and pretty hair accessory are both great toners for her entire appearance. Astellecia is also interested in drawing, singing and cosplay. Visit her gallery to see more works.

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Kuroshitsuji Ciel Cosplay Costume_1

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Kuroshitsuji Ciel Cosplay Costume_2

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Cosplayer Interview with Itchy-Hands

Kagamine Rin Cosplay

Days ago, Singaporean cosplay girl, who is known as Itchy-Hands at, showed us a vivid Kuroshitsuji Elizabeth Middleford Cosplay. The elegant appearance leaves a deep impression for many of us, right? Luckily, this girl accepts our interview. To know more about her, don’t be hesitant to browse through this interview below.

Q1. Please introduce yourself first.

Know as itchy-hands on Deviantart, you can call me Lawliet if you ever meet me in real life (=w= ).

Q2. What does cosplay mean to you?

It’s a hobby, past time, something that allows me to make what I like, such as clothes and props, crafting.

Hatsune Miku Cosplay

Q3. What and when was your first cosplay?

Ball Jointed Doll, Tender Shall from company Dream Of Doll, Year 2009 SOY.

Q4. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

Have fun with friends. Meet new people.

Q5. What’s your favorite photo shoot?

All of them!

Sheryl Nome Cosplay

Q6. What’s your favorite anime/manga/game character to cosplay as?

Lambo from Anime/Manga Katekyoshi Hitman REBORN, because he’s so retard. :3

Q7. Any cosplay plan in future?

Yeah, a lot, so called “never ending”.

Q8. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?

Made most of them myself, either that I buy and modify or just buy 2nd hand from other cosplayers.

Megurine Luka Cosplay

Q9. Any other cosplayers you like?

Having problems with my phrasing now, uhh… rather than to say I really like other cosplayers to the “crazy fan” or “worship”, it’s more of like respecting them. Well every other cosplayers are just cosplayers too, I mean like celebrities or not, they are just normal people (=A= )|| … Like Kaname, Yugene, … oh gosh, I have no idea how to phrase my words, seriously. … like I’ll give kudos/give props to them for their exceptional effort & commitment. Maybe I feel a little fan-girling about their good looks.

Q10. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?

Become more open minded… hmmm…

Q11. Any advice you wanna share with cosplay newbies?

‎- If you want people to respect you, please respect others first.

– Old and New cosers, please treat one another as equal.. Old gens were once like new cosers, they just got better over the years. But that doesn’t mean they are bossing you around. IT’S CALLED GOOD ADVICE~ (And its optional to listen to it)

– Keep the place clean when you leave the area. It’s not a makan place where you throw and expect someone to clean up after you..

– If the wall of photos are making you nervous, stop and take a break. It’s better than being stuck there forever. The photos will just go away…

– Lastly Cosplay may be addictive, but it’s not your life. HAVE FUN!