Couple Cosplay Contest – Kathy Lor and Da’veena Davis

Couple Cosplay Contest

Couple Cosplay Contest in February

Kathy Lor and Da'veena Davis

Bio of the Cosplayers:

Name Kathy Lor Da’veena Davis
Gender Female Female
Nationality Hmong Africa American
Facebook Kathy Da’veena
Twitter gokulover3
Deviantart gokulover3
Self-introduction of the Cosplayers Have have been cosplaying together for about 3 years now 😀 We both enjoy learning anime dances and both enjoy listening to K-pop and J-rock. We hope to be cosplay buddies forever! <3

Cosplay Performance of Kathy and Da’veena’s:

Kathy Lor and Da'veena Davis

Cosplaying as Len and Rin Kagamine from Vocaloid Magnet Version

2 1

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

3 1

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Bleach Cosplay Contest in January – Kathy Lor


Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Kathy Lor
Gender: Female
Nationality: Hmong

Social Networks:




My name is Kathy Lor and I have been cosplaying for about 3 years. The first costume that I made was my Toushiro Hitsugaya cosplay. I enjoy sewing, and making accessories for my costumes and friends.


Kathy‘s Bleach Cosplay Performance

1. Character: Toushiro

Description: Toushiro and his well know sitting pose i believe 🙂

Description: Toushiro in action

Description: Toushiro is a strong character so I never pose with him smiling unless it’s with Matsumoto


Here’s a simple interview:

Q: How did you know our contest? And how much have you known about

A: I found this contest through facebook while browsing for cosplay events. I have never heard of this site until I came across it on facebook.

Q: Is Bleach cosplay your favorite theme? Which character from Bleach do you most like? Is the costume for this character covered here or in our store?

A: No, Bleach is not my favorite theme, but it is one of the top favorites. I like Toushiro and other strong characters from Bleach because they make it fun to be all serious in photos. Yes, this costume is in your store.

Q: What’s your first cosplay? How do you think about it? Is there any photo shared with us?

A: My first cosplay was Misa Amane from Death Note. I think that cosplay was horrible..i didn’t go with a wig because I was really new to cosplay so i didnt know how to go about with cosplaying her. I bought everything at the store for her cosplay and went with my normal long black hair. I did bring out the costume again to wear to school with a blonde wig and it was much better then. I think I have one photo of that cosplay, but i rather not share it haha.

Q: Is there any cosplay plan recently? Or which cosplay convention are you interested in taking part in?

A: Right now I am making two cosplays: Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji and Noctis from Final Fantasy Versus. I will be attending Sakura-Con 2012 this coming April 😀

Q: How long will you continue to do cosplay? Or do you think you will do it all the time? What does cosplay mean to you? Is there any element rather attractive for you?

A: I will continue to cosplay as long as I still look young so i don’t know how long that will be, hopefully a long time. Cosplay to me is being able to become the character you are dressed as and bring them to life. Cosplay allows me to be someone different each time I choose a different character.

Q: We will be interested to know the most memorable moment you got during cosplay.

A: My most memorable moment while cosplaying has to be when I attended Sakura-Con 2010 because I cosplayed as Toushiro for the first time. I was outside of the convention in the back where every year there is a glomp circle, is like spin the bottle instead you hug the person that the bottle lands on and people don’t go one at a time. My friends and I were just chatting away when a Aizen cosplayer came up to me, complimented my cosplay then he picked me off the ground into the air and ran me to the glomp circle screamed ” everyone hug Toushiro!!” A HUGE group of people ran towards me and hugged me and when everyone was done they left me and i waddled back to my friends shocked at what juat happened hahaha…although it was a slightly scary experience it is one of the most memorable moments of cosplaying XD

Q: It’s believed our cosplay fans will be grateful if you can share us with your experience in this performance art. What’s the most important aspect for a cosplay beginner?

A: I think the most important aspect for a beginner would be to take time to plan out your cosplay and sew it as neatly as you can because if you sew a costume you don’t want to rush through it. Taking the time to sew everything properly will make your costume turn out great and you will feel a lot of satisfaction once it is done 🙂

Q: Do your family members support you? Do you often talk about your cosplay works with them? Do they also love what you’ve done?

A: My family don’t really care about me cosplaying they just make fun of me about it a lot..


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2-Giada Robin

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