Hetalia Fanart Contest – Kathy Chan


Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name : Kathy Chan
Gender : Female
Nationality: Cambodian
Social Networks: Devianart, Facebook


Let’s enjoy Fanarts of Kathy’s!

1. Britain – Army

Britain - Army
Comments from the artist: This is a drawing of Britain from Axis Powers Hetalia.

2. Super Italy Brothers FA

Super Italy Brothers FA
Comments from the artist: I made a fanart on the Italian brothers from Hetalia dressed up to become Mario and Luigi with hats, instead of stating the letters: M and L, it is F and L for Feliciano (Italy) and Lovino (Romano) using their human names.

3. Chibi Iceland – Emil

Chibi Iceland - Emil
Comments from the artist: This is a fanart of Emil (Iceland) from the anime Hetalia. I drew him and colored him according to Himaruya’s style.

4. Japan – Kiku FA

Japan - Kiku FA
Comments from the artist: Using Hidekaz Himaruya’s drawing style, I’ve drawn Kiku (Japan) from Axis Powers Hetalia. In this one, I have made it into a sketch to practice linearting (according to Himaruya’s style) and coloring in shades instead of color.

5. Romano – Mafia

Romano - Mafia
Comments from the artist: This is my fanart of Romano from the anime series Axis Powers Hetalia. In this drawing, I have drawn him wearing a Mafia-typed uniform and has drawn this according to the anime style of Hetalia.

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