Daily Cosplay – Katanagatari Maniwa Kyouken Cosplay

Katanagatari Maniwa Kyouken Cosplay

Some cosplay works are noticed by people because the cosplayers seem incredibly cool, awesome or sexy. But cosplay girl we found today charms the crowd by an irresistibly graceful and fantastic appearance. She is Bianka, coming from United States. This is her Katanagatari Maniwa Kyouken cosplay, which draws my attention from the first glimpse. Actually speaking, her Poolside Fairy, Former Endless Witch, Staple Confession and many other cosplay pictures seem so great too. If you are a cosplay fan who is seeking for inspirations to enrich your own performance, you may also be delighted by excellent works shared by Bianka. It seems like she looks so great with purple. Tattoos are absolutely finishing touches for her appealing look, right? More pictures can be seen in her DA gallery.