New Arrivals on July 11 – Final Fantasy Hope Estheim and Serah Farron Cosplay Costume

To keep rate with trend of cosplay, we have finished two new Final Fantasy cosplay costumes and added them to New Arrival collection. If you want to be the spotlight on the coming Final Fantasy cosplay show, why not take a close look!

Final Fantasy Hope Estheim Cosplay Costume

Made from first-rate uniform cloth, this costume comes with a shirt, jacket, pants, belt, gloves, scarf and pocket. It is made with exquisite handwork, helping you vividly cosplay as Hope Estheim. It will be shipped out within 24 hours except a customized size.

Final Fantasy Serah Farron Cosplay Costume

Featuring a shirt, cloak, skirt and belt, this meticulously made serah cosplay costume is easy washed by hand in cold water. You can choose your size from S, M, L and XL. Customer service is available, charging $15. You should never ignore this costume if you want to cosplay as Serah.

Pay a visit to our shop and you will enjoy a cosplay costume exposition.