Daily Cosplay – Strawberry Panic Hikari Konohana Cosplay

Strawberry Panic Hikari Konohana Cosplay

To seek for inspirations for your own cosplay performance, you will find what’s shared in our daily cosplay category is always helpful. We find excellent cosplayers here. Another breathtaking cosplay picture is found today. It refers to Strawberry Panic Hikari Konohana cosplay done by the Japanese girl – Akiyama-Moon! It seems like Hikari Konohana cosplay ideally fits her. Except flattering the body shape and decorating the skin tone, she shows us a vivid Hikari Konohana. Incomparable similarity is detected between her performance and the original manga character. A rich series of cosplay photos are displayed in her gallery, like Misa cosplay, Mikuru cosplay, Yoko cosplay, Chii cosplay, Alice cosplay, Mio cosplay, Anna cosplay, Yayoi cosplay etc. Why not pay a visit now?