Top 8 Head Girls in the Anime World

The world is under the control of men. Women are nothing but ornaments for it. Probably, this also makes sense on anime for juveniles. For most people, they hold the opinion that girls are nothing more than vases that are for being enjoyed in the world which is composed of armored concrete-like flesh and blood. They consider females to be frumpy. However, if you still think like this nowadays, you are exactly making a big mistake and will be rigorously criticized. Today’s female anime characters have already said goodbye to decorative vases and founded their own world by fist. Below, 8 impressive anime girls are introduced.

Top 1: Tsunade

Traditionally, she is the fat sheep for slaughtering. And meanwhile, she is one of the ninjas in the Leaf Village with incomparably deterrent force. At present, she has inherited the Hokage rank. Yes, this is definitely Tsunade – the first super woman in the Leaf Village. After all, she made outstanding military exploits since the comeback. Her wondering force makes Jiraiya feel ashamed and explosive attack is strong enough to make most of people awe-stricken. For sure, not everybody can smash a big stone only by empty hands, let alone Tsunade, who is exactly a rock edge mill, XD.

Top 2: Shihouin Yoruichi

She is the first pet cat in Bleach. But if you really consider the former stealth maneuver commander in chief to be an ordinary black cat, you can go west, XD. So far, she has only felt a little incompetent in the confrontation with Aizen. In other fights with Kuchiki Byakuya or any other rival, she always feels confident and relaxed. In spite of seeming like kindly, Shihouin Yoruichi has never been soft-hearted when it’s time to combat. Undoubtedly, she deserves the rank of head girl for the former stealth maneuver.

Top 3: Ichihara Yuuko

Approved by Clow Read, Ichihara Yuuko is called as “the Succubae of the Dimension”. She has incomparable magic and can shuttle back and forth during different dimensions. Plus wearing cool clothes and holding a cigarette in the mouth most of the time, she impresses people by head girl characteristic. But honestly speaking, Ichihara Yuuko is more than a head girl. Have you ever seen a head girl who can realize any dream? Or have you ever found a head girl who can create a world randomly? Ichihara Yuuko can help people make any of their dreams come true. But meanwhile, she will take your most important item away. This exchange mode makes us think of demon undoubtedly.

Top 4: Natsume Maya

Different with other missish intellectual beauties, Natsume Maya absolutely resorts to violence. She will come to blows if meeting a person who holds a different opinion with her. You remember Souichiro Nagi, right? When he arrived at the Toudou Academy, he was struck down by Natsume Maya. People who can obtain some reputation in Toudou Academy are not devout men or women, let alone Natsume Maya, who can withstand the Division of Enforcement.

Top 5: Nami

Don’t look down upon Nami. In spite of being a girl, she manipulates the straw sea poacher’s economic lifeline and controls their life authority. If Nami doesn’t nod, Luffy will vainly attempt to eat meat, let alone eating to feel full. The plan to eat meat, buy vegetables, weapon and medicine should all be agreed by Nami. Nowadays, people who control the economy are definitely real bosses.

Top 6: Shimura Tae

While first coming to the stage, Shimura Tae was a little missish. But along with the development of plots in Gintama, Shimura Tae’s hidden personality exposes gradually. When she walks together with Kagura, even aged slippery fellows like Sakata Gintoki are afraid of provoking her. Comparing with Kagura who is much more unsophisticated, Shimura Tae is undoubtedly experienced and astute. Violent and cruel-hearted personality helps her firmly occupy the seat of head girl in Gintama.

Top 7: Saori Kido

Saori Kido, the primary cruel-hearted girl in the anime world, finally came to the stage. She had ever conspired to subvert the Sacred Field even being an infant. With the help of Seiya, Shir Yu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, etc, she came back successfully after growing up. She expelled Saga’s force, won victory during the battle with Nept and finally defeated the old enemy in the myth era – Hades. Her plan of controlling the world was realized at last.

Top 8: Suzumiya Haruhi

Suzumiya Haruhi is light, heat and human beings’ hope. There have been so many shrewd characters before. But all of them exist for the world. Suzumiya Haruhi is the only role who makes the world run around her. So once she wants, she can call upon extra-terrestrials, people with super power, future polices, etc. Likewise, the world may experience a new start if Suzumiya Haruhi feels depressed or bored. Not everybody is lucky enough to be remembered. The vast majority of people are logged off unconsciously.

Lots of anime characters leave a deep impression for many people even though many years have passed. Above 8 head girls definitely belong to this range. More interesting reviews will be shared here later.