New Arrival on Oct. 13 – Gintama Okita Sougo Cosplay Costume

Gintama Okita Sougo Cosplay costume

If you are a fan for Gintama cosplay, don’t be hesitant to check Gintama costume category now. This is the Gintama Okita Sougo cosplay costume from there, finished in our own costume factory. It’s available on $65.87 with 10% discount now. It carries really desirable comfort. But what’s more important is that it’s faithful to the original manga!

Gintama Okita Sougo Cosplay Costume

This Okita Sougo costume is also made from luxurious cotton – the most frequently used material on our costumes. It’s easy to be cleaned and kept. Including a shirt, jacket, coat and trousers, it’s elaborately designed and sewn. Rough or loose needlework is disallowed here. Each small accessory is put to the right place.

Gintama Okita Sougo Cosplay Costume1

We offer size S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made on all costumes. You can customize an adult or a child size here. The costume will be shipped out ASAP (in 48hrs in many cases). Now, free costumes and wigs are offered for cosplay talents (see detailed information in the sponsor program). Or, share us your photo with the costume bought from us worn, you will get a 5% refund and another 10% discount on your next order. Cosplay fans, don’t be hesitant to place an order at now.

New Arrival on Sep. 9 – Gintama Takasugi Shinsuke Cosplay Costume

Gintama Takasugi Shinsuke Cosplay costume

It’s believed story described in Gintama is still remembered by many people. When the birth of cosplay enables anime fans to truly feel the fantastic world, Gintama cosplay draws most attention most of the time. Today, the Gintama Takasugi Shinsuke Cosplay Costume is recommended to you. It’s made in our own costume factory. So each small part is ensured to go to the right place. Check it out on $63.99, you will make stunning transformations on your Takasugi Shinsuke cosplay appearance!

Gintama Takasugi Shinsuke Cosplay Costume

Takasugi Shinsuke costume includes an overcoat and sash. Likewise, strictly selected cotton is used to make this suit, ensuring 100% comfort and durability. The costume is lightsome and ventilated. It can be washed and lined dry for keeping a smooth look all the time. The overcoat is 146cm long. Green pieces on the coat are made from rubber, which can be also washed. Sleeves are 49cm long and 39cm wide at the cuff. More length information on the costume can be seen on our site.

Gintama Takasugi Shinsuke Cosplay Costume1

Takasugi Shinsuke cosplay costume is available on size S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made. It will be shipped out in 48hrs. 10% – 20% discount activity is held sometimes. Besides, once you make a review or take a picture or video with the costume you buy from here, you will be given 5% refund and another 10% discount on your new order. To save more, you won’t be easy to find another better site than here. Now, check out this Takasugi Shinsuke costume here?

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New Arrival on Sep. 8 – Gintama Kagura Cosplay Costumes

Since Kagura cosplay is noticed by many cosplay fans, we are also aware of this. Three Kagura costumes have been finished in our costume factory and taken detailed pictures. Another two will be continually updated later. These Gintama costumes are made from classy cotton or satin. They are strictly made to be 100% faithful to the anime. Due to 20% OFF activity, you can save a lot if ordering now.

Gintama Kagura Cosplay costume
Gintama Silver Soul Kagura Cosplay Costume

Gintama Silver Soul Kagura Cosplay Costume

This Kagura cosplay costume includes a jacket and trousers. They are made from grade-A cotton, feeling supple and ventilated. Yes, this costume is simple. But in spite of this, we promise each small part is elaborately designed, making you feel confident about your Kagura cosplay appearance. Length information on them can be seen on the site.

Gintama Kagura Cosplay
Red Gintama Kagura Cosplay Costume

Red Gintama Kagura Cosplay Costume

Including a shirt, overcoat, sash, bowknot, detachable sleeves and string, this red Gintama Kagura costume will make you look the same with Kagura. Deluxe cotton is used. So you can wash the costume in cold water and line it dry. A smooth look will be kept after times’ wearing. Like any other cosplay costume offered by us, this costume is also available on size S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made. So everybody will find an ideal size for their body shape!

Gintama Kagura Cosplay Costume
Gintama Kagura Cosplay Costume1

Gintama Kagura Cosplay Costume

The final Gintama Kagura costume refers to a cheongsam, made from classy satin. The glossy look is faithful to the anime. Each edge is covered by yellow ribbon. A zipper that’s 37cm long is sewn on the back. A red satin lining ensures 100% comfort and durability. It’s sold on only $36.79 now due to the 20% discount activity. Order now, you can get it shipped out in 48hrs.

Your Silver Soul Kagura cosplay can be ideally done with any Gintama costume shown above. Make a review or take a picture or video with it and send them back to the dealer, you can get a 5% refund and another 10% discount on your new order at To be a vivid Kagura cosplayer, why not check out a costume here now?

How to Make Gintama Okita Sougo’s Gun-Cosplay Tutorial


After knowing how to make Devil Kings Date Masamune’s armor, macros frontier Sheryl nome’s microphone, etc, we plan to share you tutorials on how to make Gintama Okita Sougo’s gun here. For sure, a convenient and similar prop will help you have a better time on a cosplay show. Now, let’s begin.

Tip 1. Draw a blueprint.

See from different angles; you will get different designs on Gintama Okita Sougo’s gun. Thus, select one first of all and don’t change it over and again.

Tip 2. Choose materials.

Required material: black paperboards, black grey boards, PVC pipes and corrugated paper.

Materials have a direct reflection on how props will look and the difficult level of making. Here, black paperboard is a must-have item. To make layers seem much clearer, you are recommended to choose black grey boards with a moderate width and thickness. But when it comes to the black gun body, grey boards are not suggested.

PVC pipes are ready-made, convenient to be used and inexpensive. It depends on you while choosing the length and diameter. Usually, pattern with a length of 1 meter and diameter of 16cm is selected.

Corrugated paper should be a universal material on making cosplay props. You get this cheap material from the packaging box of milk or instant noodles.

Tip 3. Find other tools.

Required tools: knife, scissor, ruler, pen (black is better), hot glue gun, hot glue stick and latex.

Tip 4. Make the gun.

1st. Prepare components according to the blueprint. Referring to making the trigger and pikestaff on the gun, you can buy a cap gun and fix it around the barrel by black paperboards on the basis of the size on your design drawing. In this case, you save a lot of time and make a gun seeming three-dimensional. Or you can make a model with a ready-made pikestaff in your home. Take the measurment, draw the blueprint, make plates by corrugated paper and glue them. 4 layers of corrugated paper can make the required depth. Put trigger between two layers in the middle and build the frame on outside two layers. Finally, paint it to be black.

2nd. Make the gun body. Two ways can be also adopted here. First, use PVC pipes. Take the right measurement of length. Cut and color them, which will be rather time-saving. Second, use black paperboard with a layer of corrugated paper inside to enhance the strength. In this case, glue black paperboard with corrugated paper first. Planish them and wait until they dry. Paint the insider corrugated paper to be black. Add more water in pigment, which will make corrugated paper more wet and easy to be molded. Then, roll it up and seal it by hot melt glue. The gun body is finished when glue dries.

3rd. This step is much easier. Just stick previously prepared components upon the gun body one by one. For a better tiered look, black grey paperboards are used to make parts on the outside surface. Thus, hot melt glue is chosen. Just pay attention to this: well control the time while using hot melt glue.

4th. Rivets can be made by thumbtacks. Then paint them by black oil pen, seeming really vivid.

Tip 5. Modify some details.

Final modifications ask you to be patient. Take the exposed nonblack lining as an example. It should be painted to look the same with black pigment around. Then, deal with extra hot melt glue on the surface. Adjust the directions of some small components.

To make a cosplay weapon is exactly an enjoyment. More tutorials will be continually shared here.