Cosplayer Interviews – Flytrap-Hell

This is Flytrap-Hell, a Finnish girl who is an anthro artist. In her words, she joined in Deviantart to participate in contests, show her artwork to the world and then become a better artist, sounding really ambitious, XD. Having a wide interest on horror, art, anime, cosplay (lots of stunning performances have been shown), etc, Flytrap-Hell especially loves Nightmare Before Christmas and Moulin Rouge.

Today, Flytrap-Hell joined in our cosplay interview to share us her cosplay experience. Thanks, Flytrap-Hell, XD. Now, let’s take a look at the detailed interview content.

1.Please Introduce yourself first?
Hi there everyone! I’m Lisa, but around the internet I’m called Amira. I’m 18-year-old girl from Finland and you might already guess that I’m all grazy over crafts, sewing and cartoons.

2.What does cosplay mean to you?
For me cosplay means to be someone else for a moment and show your skills in crafts. A new cosplay is always a new challenge!

3.What was your first cosplay?
I’m embarassed to admit that it was Haruno Sakura from Naruto, made and cosplayed on 2006. It wasn’t that great costume (okay, it was bad! XD) but I had really much fun at the con I was wearing it.

4.Does your family supports your cosplay?
At first my mother saw it as a really embarassing thing, but she has always been my sponsor and given me tips and opinions how I should do some things.

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?
Hmm… This is a tricky one. What would be my most memorable cosplay experience…. I guess it’s from the last summer (2010), when we had our “human version” Team Chaotix group (from Sonic the Hedgehog). We were trying to stay in character around the con, but it was really hard for me since I was cosplaying Espio, a really serious ninja, while the others were making jokes and fooling around.

6. What are your 2011 cosplay plans?
Well on the 15th of June I’m going to travel to USA to my boyfriends place and we’re going to go to ConnectiCon together. And of course this kind of cosplay freak will cosplay! Me and my boyfriend chose pretty childish series and we will be characters from Pokemon and Digimon.

7.Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them ?
By myself of course! I think that’s half of the point of the cosplay and it’s also half of the fun! I usually find all kinds of useful items from flea markets, like shoes, which I can use in my costumes after a small modification.

8. Any other cosplayers you like?
A lot! From DA I could give some examples…
DaKyu. She’s a close friend of mine and I just adore the photoshoot pictures she gets from her cosplay. She also does really detailed cosplay!
Jamberrii. She and her boyfriend have marvellous Sonic the Hedgehog human cosplays.
Kaksoset89. These two girls do amazing bodypainting, but also great cosplays.

9. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?
Well of course during these years I have cosplayed I have learned a lot more about sewing and crafts. But after individual cosplays I usually get a terrible urge to start many new cosplay projects, since I have met new people and seen awsome costumes in a con where I was wearing my cosplay.

10. Any advices you wanna share with cosplay newbies?
My advice would be that don’t worry if your first costume doesn’t look that great! The most important thing is to have fun! Also, don’t try to do too complicated costume as your first cosplay. Human versions from different characters are a great way to start, since you can pretty much desing the costume by yourself, but still stay faitful to the original creature.