COSPLAY: The Series Ep.08 – We All Support You

Once again Sukma underestimated Q-Cosushinkai. The Twins’ cover were blown, and it turns out that they were blackmailed by Sukma to cause mischief at the club. As an apology, they have contacted Indonesian mangaka Is Yuniarto to give a speech about how cosplay is in fact “a dream come true” for manga artists, clearing their name once and for all.

COSPLAY: The Series Ep.07 – Double Trouble!

When all seems settled and the club was about to celebrate the return of their room, a pair of junior mischievous twins suddenly joins the club, thrashes their things, and mocks them for their lack of cosplay skills. The club gets all angry and pessimistic, and conflict is imminent!

COSPLAY: The Series Ep.06 – Dark Clouds on the Horizon

Thirty days are up, and the new scripts and sketches managed to convince Headmistress Kartini to give the club back their room. But Sukma is one step ahead: he is campaigning for anti-cosplay under the pretext of defending intellectual rights of authors, and threatens to expose Q-Cosushinkai’s hentai collection if they try any form of defense. Fortunately, a mysterious lady comes to rescue the club…

COSPLAY: The Series Ep.05 – Acceptance

The 5th episode from COSPLAY: The Series…Ocha the yaoi fanatic discovers the true sexual identity of her brother Jati and reacted in a way Jati finds offensive. Jati runs away from home because the sister he relied on to accept him turned out to be "just like everyone else." Ocha consults Vincent and Annisa, but it might be too late, as Adolescence sets them apart…