A Cosplayer Is A Person Who


A cosplayer is a person who______

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a cosplayer is a person who makes adults and children of all ages smile by bringing a character to life & Available for photos!

a cosplayer is a person who walks in heels all day because if the character can do it so can I!! (I can’t)

a cosplayer is a person who walks around in a heavy wig & uncushioned shoes for 8 hours & only complains at the end of the day.

A cosplayer is a person who worries about the mess their injuries will make on their costume rather than the injury itself

Cosplayer Interviews – Ariadna

misa cospaly 1

Today we invite a beautiful Spanish girl named Ariadna into our cosplayer interview. She was known as tsukii07 in DA. Rather than a cosplayer, she is more like an artist – she draws manga and paints her nails beautifully. She may not have many cosplay works, but it is always great to have some new friends here!

1. Please introduce yourself first.

I’m Ariadna, i’m 17 years old and i love anime!

2. Cosplay What does mean to you?

I did the cosplay “Misa” because we seem quite physically. and give shape to be in the aspect of “love” are just idiots too! haha

3. What and when to was your first cosplay?

Kikio of Inuyasha

4. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

haha how was dressed in “Misa” a man thought to be a Japanese prostitute. was awesome XD

5. What’s your favorite photo shoot?

I haven’t had too many cosplays, but i like the Misa, and Nana Osaki

misa cosplay 3

6. What’s your favorite anime / manga / game character to cosplay as?


7. Any cosplay plan in future?

I would go for Orihime Inoue, how do you see? haha or just geisha

8. Do you make yourself or buy your costumes Them?

depends! soil supplements make me.

9. Any other cosplayers you like?

im love to see Grimmjow cosplay, I love that man! haha

10. Some Changes to Do Happen After you cosplay? ?

i dont understand xDD

11. Any advice you want to Share with cosplay newbies?

yes. That does not matter if the cosplay is right or wrong, or if you like the character or not, what matters is to feel comfortable and be co disguise for a moment the person you want to be!

Cosplayer Interview – Laura

Lots of excellent cosplayers have shared something helpful with us, especially with cosplay freshmen. Today, Laura also joined in. Living in Brisbane, Australia, she has a wide interest on J-rock, anime, collecting, photography, etc. Kaori Yuki is her favorite artist and games she likes include Soul Caliber III, Dance Dance Revolation and Para Para Paradise. You can also visit her at here. Now, take a look at her interview content below.

1. Please introduce yourself first.

Hello! My name is Laura and I’m a cosplayer from Australia! I enjoy long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, violent and hilarious fight scenes and ridiculous costumes that I will someday regret.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?

That’s a hard question! For me, it’s perhaps best described as a challenge, to recreate my favorite characters and designs.

3. What and when was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was Hatsune Miku in 2009. I’d chosen to cosplay her just as her popularity took off and got mobbed at a convention by photographers. Thankfully one can now cosplay as Miku and be fairly ignored.

4. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

In August 2010 I cosplayed in Singapore for the first time. I did a somewhat casual Sheryl Nome outfit. I got lucky and was in the country in time for the Youth Olympics as such there was a lot of lighting drills going on. On the night we shot I was stood out in the middle of a pier, wearing a VERY short dress and obscene heels, there was lights flashing all around me and a live outdoor concert for the band BEAST playing behind me. The lights, the outfit the music, in that moment I felt like Sheryl Nome.

5. What’s your favorite photo shoot?

My favorite shoot was the shoot for Sheryl Nome’s Obelisk outfit. I did that shoot in Singapore with the wonderful Shiroang. We spent the whole day shooting with him, talking, fooling around and running from the rain. It was a very relaxed and fun shoot and I enjoyed it so much! Honestly Most of my shoots are great fun.

6. There’re many of your pictures are Miku and Sheryl Nome cosplay. You must have a crush on them! ^^ Why?

For Miku, it’s her huge range of outfits. She’s gotten everything from awesome, to pretty, cute to downright stupid. It’s wonderful! Sheryl also has a lot of amazing outfits and I really like how womanly she is.

7. Any cosplay plan in future?

Lots of plans! Too many plans! My current plans are to do Siesta 00 (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) and Bellatrix from Harry Potter.

8. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?

I do both depending on my time and budget. To buy costumes always needs a lot of work to make them fit nicely and often need details replacing but the bulk of the work is done which is handy when you work full time like I do. I make costumes when I’ve got either lots of time or absolutely no time left and need it in a hurry.

9. Any other cosplayers you like?

I’m a huge fan of queencattabby. She makes stunning designs and her performance on stage is amazing to watch!

10. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?

Cosplay is a bit of a niche hobby that not everyone goes along with or knows about. Costumes are often outlandish and stand out, after a while you just get more confident.

11. Any advice you wanna share with cosplay newbies?

I still consider myself a newbie to be honest. I guess though I would recommend not to stretch yourself too thin. Don’t agree to do cosplays with people unless you 100% intend to, can afford it and can get it done in time. It’s not fair to the other people who put in the effort only for you to not do it. It’s also stressful so know your limits. Also carry a small sewing kit, safety pins and super glue to every convention.

Cosplayer Interview – Amy

Today we are going to introduce Amy to you. Amy is an American girl, also called as Spwinkles on Deviantart. Here, she will share her cosplay story with us and give cosplay newbies some advice. OK, let’s enjoy her story together!

1. Please Introduce yourself first.
Hello! My name is Amy and in the cosplay community I usually go by silly names like Spwinkles (on deviantART) or Rosebud (on Cosplay.com). I’m 25 years old but people mistake me for younger all the time. I’m from California. I’m a Christian. I love ice cream. 😀 I’m not sure what else to say…haha.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?
Above all, cosplay means having fun. It also means getting to be creative, constructive and to think outside of the box. It means something enjoyable to do with friends!

3. What and when was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was Relena Peacecraft (from Gundam Wing) and I cosplayed as her at Anime Expo 2003. Relena and I had similar hairstyle and color so I didn’t use a wig. In fact, I didn’t even really sew the costume, I just pieced things together and my mom helped me hand sew a few details.

4. Does your family support your cosplay?
Yeah, I’d say so! At least, they aren’t really against it. I think they like the creative aspect of it. My dad went fabric shopping with me one time so he got a taste of the fabric-choosing process, haha. My youngest brother is even going to cosplay with me at a convention soon so I hope he has a good time!

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?
Hmmm, I’ve had a few! One was being able to finally cosplay as Sora (Kingdom Hearts II) at Disneyland. It’s always been a geeky dream of mine to wear that cosplay in the park. They are pretty strict about people (over a certain age) wearing costumes but last year they moved the Halloween event to the main park so we were allowed to wear costumes. I was also invited, with a group of other cosplayers, to participate in Video Games Live in 2007 (I think it was ’07). Again, I was wearing Sora. That was a pretty interesting experience, too.
There’s a few more, including fun photoshoots or meeting voice actors dressed up as the characters they voice but I’m afraid if I type them all out this response would be so long!

6. Any other cosplay plan in 2011?
Yup! Hetalia has kind of taken up my cosplay to-do list recently so I have a few more of those planned, which include Revolutionary War America and South Italy/Romano. Besides those, I am finishing up another Ahiru (Princess Tutu) outfit. I hope to make Miria (Baccano!) and Kyoko (Skip Beat!) at some point as well as one more Maka (Soul Eater) outfit. Costumes I don’t plan ALWAYS come up depending on new series I watch or cosplay group ideas friends might have.

7. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?
Nowadays I generally make them myself or at least make most of them myself. If I need a simple piece of clothing (for example, a white shirt or a black pair of pants) then I just buy those since it would just be a waste of time to make them. The most recently costume that I didn’t make was my WWII America cosplay. I found an army surplus store online that had a good uniform for cheap. I had sort of planned the cosplay at the last minute so it seemed ideal just to buy it. I had to alter it slightly but that was it.

8.Any other cosplayers you like?
Oh man, there are a bunch of talented cosplayers from all over the world out there! Some of which are friends of mine now. I don’t think I could even name all of the ones that inspire me.

9. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?
Not really? I think the only thing now is that I see an interesting place and think, “Oh, this would be perfect for a photoshoot!” It’s terrible how much I think that, haha. I’ve also met so many people through this hobby that I feel way more social than I ever did before. But I like meeting and talking to new people so that’s not really a change either.

10. Any advice you wanna share with cosplay newbies?
Hmm, well above all, just have fun!
And for the technical stuff:
Wear a wig cap under your wigs. A friend told me, especially for short wigs, to pin and spray down your own hair first and then put on a wig cap. It helps hold the hair on more. Always always put on make-up for photos, even if you are cosplaying as a male character. At least wear foundation. It just looks better for photos! Think of different in-character poses for your characters so if you’re at a con and someone asks for a pic, you’ll have an awesome pose and not just be standing there.
Also, while this isn’t super important but if you want to be super accurate and if you’re cosplaying as a male and you’re female, it would be good to bind your chest if you can. There’s different methods out there but the best one I know of is using a compression shirt. It’s pretty comfortable and it beats using ace bandages or tape.
If you’re making your own costume, really take time to get photo references for your characters so you can get the details and colors right. Have fun with thinking of how you’d translate some weird/random piece of clothing into something wearable. It CAN be frustrating but if it works, it can be really rewarding!
And if you’re not sure about something, whether it’s about styling a wig to making a prop, google it! There’s tons of information out there at your fingertips thanks to cosplay blogs and forums.
That’s all I can think of at the top of my head at the moment!

Cosplayer Interview – Ayi

Today we are glad to have Ayi attend our Cosplayer Interview program. Ayi is still a student, known as Yinneian on Deviantart. Like most of other cosplayers, she treats cosplay as a hobby, which brings her fun and helps to relieve stress. Ok, let’s share and enjoy her cosplay story. Welcome, Ayi!

1. Please Introduce yourself first.

Hmmm.. my friends call me ayi but i’m known for ‘yinneian’ in DA.
I’m 21, a student, i cosplay. Well, maybe that’s all of it.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?
Hobby, my ‘fun’ time and stress reliever

3. What and when was your first cosplay?
April 2009- Jigoku Shoujo: Futakari Enma Ai

4. Does your family support your cosplay?
Yup. As long as it will not hinder my studies, they let me do anything;
They even give me a ride almost always to conventions and photo op.

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

Teru of Versailles. The heels were killing me! The costume’s so darn hot. The hardest wig styling ever and the hardest and longest time to prepare.

6. Any other cosplay plan in 2011?
Zidane- FF9/Dissidia, Mogami Kyoko-Evil Angel, Sekai-ichi hatsukoi *Ritsu, Benten Zone-00

7. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?
I buy the materials and plan the entire thing but I have my seamstress to tailor and patch everything.

8.Any other cosplayers you like?
YUEGENE! Kumoran, Lalax | Kachan, Krishinya

9. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?
I became weirder accdg to people around me. lol. Putting that aside, I happened to learn to save money.

I need to buy this and that- so whenever I don’t have any expenditure, I have extra money. SAVINGS

10. Any advice you wanna share with cosplay newbies?
No. that’s a pain; and some don’t appreciate such things, so none.