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Sona Cosplay

I don’t know what you think of IamWhiteRabbit’s Street Fighter Cammy cosplay we posted here two days before. At least, I was totally caught and feel fascinated about it till now. The unique make-up, red hat, blond hair and green costume do this cosplay talent seem so appealing. If you also think so and want to know more about this cosplay girl, you must be glad to see this interview. Thanks very much, IamWhiteRabbit!

1. Please introduce yourself first.

My name is Jenny. Believe it or not, I’m 29 years old. I say this because it’s usually something people ask me over and over again. I’ve been a gamer literally my whole life, raised on turbo graphix 16 and nintendo.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?

I’m not sure about this question, but I guess cosplay means fun, imagination and creativity.

Lux Lady of Luminosity

3. What and when was your first cosplay?

My first official cosplay at the 2004 San Diego Comicon, I cosplayed Sailor Moon.

4. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

All of my cosplay experiences have been memorable honestly. One that stands out a little was Rainbow Brite. I was spotted across the hall by a Mojo-Jo-Jo, he yelled and ran to me. It was cute.

5. What’s your favorite photo shoot?

The Photo Shoot at Wondercon 2011 as Cammy White was probably my favorite. A lot of photos turned out great and it was a blast working with the photographer.

Lux Cosplay

6. What’s your favorite anime/manga/game character to cosplay as?

I enjoy the Lux cosplay, (League of Legends PC) although the clothing/armor part was made by a friend in Tokyo. I really enjoyed working on the Boots, Baton and Headband.

7. Any cosplay plan in future?

I’d like to do a Zelda cosplay, but that’s a little ways away because I just finished my Muse Sona and will be wearing that one for a bit.

8. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?

I never buy them made. I don’t always sew the clothes myself, I have help from friends that enjoy sewing, but I always make the props/ shoes/accessories.

Zombie Hooker

9. Any other cosplayers you like?

My two sisters and a lot of my friends cosplay. I actually met my boyfriend at Fanime, we dressed as characters from the same game and fell in love…cheesy right? Actually it was more complicated than that but anyways, cosplayers are awesome.

10. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?

After cosplay? Like after a con is over? I actually get kind of sad after each con. There aren’t enough.

11. Any advice you wanna share with cosplay newbies?

I’m kind of tough on cosplayer, I think you should pick characters you like and look similar to, or at least make costumes that require a lot of time and effort. I’m a pretty serious but fun cosplayer, I put a lot of thought into my cosplay, it’s kind of a tribute to the characters I model.

Daily Cosplay – Street Fighter Cammy Cosplay

Street Fighter Cammy Cosplay

Cammy, also known as Cammy White, is a hot cartoon character to be imitated in the cosplay industry. This picture shows you the stunning Street Fighter Cammy cosplay done by an American girl. Undoubtedly, she is another cosplay talent, who is known as IamWhiteRabbit at I feel fascinated about many cosplay works she did and displays in her gallery. One of the most appealing one should be her Sona cosplay. It feels irresistibly feminine and sexy. This girl is interested in many things such as cosplay, pokemon, music, video games, drawing, photography and anime. League of Legends is her favorite game. To refresh your inspiration on this performance art, don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to her site now.