Working on your last minute cosplays before the con is it worth it?

Ever have that moment where your just working on those last minute costumes and you feel like your at your limit and you can’t even do it anymore?  Your on the verge of tear’s your just about to give up but lets talk reality here you don’t need to give up.  Sit back relax take a long deep breath and think about it is it worth it or is it not.  And if you decided yes it was worth it then go at it try your hardest loose sleep, make that extra cup off coffee, just always make sure your having fun. If your not having fun stop and save it for another time.

I believe about 2 years ago for one of my local conventions I cosplayed as goddess Madoka and oh man I was in for ride.  I decided the night before the convention that I totally had to cosplay as madoka no if’s and’s or buts and guess what?  I cried, I literally cried in the process of sewing this costumes together but I pulled it off and it was worth it.  I can say that I loved that costume and so did so many others.  I have probably never gotten so many photo’s at a convention before.  For me it was was worth it will it be for you?

3 thoughts to “Working on your last minute cosplays before the con is it worth it?”

  1. I’ve had a couple of experiences of working on cosplays to the last minute too, once literally – I was still sewing buttons on the train and when I got to the con (late) I had to style my wig in the bathroom! Working non stop from morning to 2am was also something I’ve done quite a lot, and even if it is bad for your health I personally would also agree that working last minute is worth it. By this point, my costume was already past the 50% completion point so giving up would have rendered all my effort useless.

    That’s why, even if it doesn’t look as nice as I would have liked it to be, pushing through and just seeing my cosplay at least come together is a small triumph itself. Of course, you could always remake and improve it later, and I think stress also teaches us to more carefully organise our time in the future.

    Of course, please don’t stress yourselves out too much! Cosplay is meant to be fun, so if you really feel like you’re at your limit, stop and take a break. Accept that if you take the time to continue making it in the future, it will look superb and far better than if you drained yourself.

    basically – if you already have majority of the costume done, persevere and you will be so relieved when you finish! But if you seriously feel like you cannot do it, chill out and accept that failure is necessary for success.

    Happy cosplaying everybody! And don’t forget, health comes first!

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