Winners Announced!!! (November)


Cosplay talents, huge thanks for all of you! Two winners in Nov. have been born just now. Congratulations, Andrew Voraboud and Pennelophy Soriano!

To make the contest impartial, everybody is the judge. Votes, gotten by “like” on Facebook and helping prompting this contest, have been added up. So, Andrew got 613 votes on Facebook. Pennelophy got 547 (267 votes on Facebook and 280 extra votes by her articles).

Now, contest in December has been advance noticed at our blog and will be launched at this Thursday. It will be a big pleasure for us if you are willing to join in :D!


I’m also a devotee for cosplay. To do well in this performance art, I’m interested in hunting for funny, gorgeous or fantastic pictures. From these breathtaking works and interviews done by cosplay talents, I always get inspired.

6 thoughts to “Winners Announced!!! (November)”

  1. i dont find this fair! she won mainly by just advertising while the other cosplayers won by actual votes! i think you guys should have at least let the top 2 people who got actual votes win instead ! or at least top 3! lucrezia and melrosa both deserve to win so much more then penelope since they both got actual votes like andrew who won purely from votes. its really not fair to those people who got actualy votes instead of just extra for advertising ):

    1. Hi Sam,We email people to do some ads for the contest, we just wanna more people to know this contest and vote for all the cosplayers as well.
      And we did not add much votes for people who did some ads for the contest, but we will really consider your suggestion and to make our costest better.
      So plz clam down and relax 🙂

      1. yes i understand that you want people to know of your site but more then half of her votes are from advertising 😛 its should be fair to the other cosplayers who get votes for their cosplay

        1. bitter much???


          friendly advice:
          its just a contest… suck it up and try again better next time…
          the votes says it all… don’t hate on the winners, or the system…

  2. id understand you telling me that if i actually entered but i didnt so i should be able to say its totaly unfair for the other entrys. At least give them a prize of some sort as the advertised as well as get votes. She didnt win from her cosplay, she won from her advertising. This might as well have been an advertising contedt :PP

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