Cosplay Wigs- How to Properly Buy

Okay, we all know a wig is a HUGE part of becoming the character. It can completely change how the over all feel of your cosplay.

I have made many mistakes on buying wigs, so here are my tips to you!

First off, you want to find a TRUSTED wig dealer. Websites that have wigs dedicated to cosplay wigs, such as Miccostumes, CosplayBoom, and other cosplay shop relators.


The most important part of the wigs is the photos showing the product. The photos should consist of photos containing it displayed on a mannequin head and on a model. Wigs displayed on mannequin has little to no styling- so you will se the product for what you will be getting before modifications.

Do NOT buy the wig if the only pictures are models! You WILL be disappointed. (Trust me, I think we all done it before.)

The only photo is a model wearing the wig- no mannequin to display the actual product.This contains the model and mannequin display. THESE are the ones you should work for!

(TOP) BAD EXAMPLE! This only has the model photos. Watch out for these! (BOTTOM) GOOD EXAMPLE! This contains the model and mannequin display photos. THESE ARE THE BEST YOU CAN BUY!


And if you can not find a mixture of both- go for the one with mannequin photos!

*Extra things to look for-

Length, Head Diameter, Materials*

Budgeting, there is not a lot on it. Most people buy the cheapest wig that they think is good, and end up getting disappointed.

For this, I recommend finding photos of said wig, (like the Haruka Nanasae Wig) and determining if it is well priced. You could always find the same wigs, and compare the prices and such. This is how I do it, and it has helped a LOT.

That’s all I have to say now on wigs, comment if there is anything else you need to know or need help on with wigs!
Happy Cosplaying!


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