Welcome our new blog author-Alice Haruka/Luna Star

Welcome Alice to join our blog, she will share her cosplay thoughts in our blog from now on.Cant wait to see her amazing contend 🙂 . BTW: if you want to be one of our blog author, just join in our “write for us” program.


Hai! Hai! My name is Alice Haruka also known as Luna Star to some of my friends and on other social media sites. I’ve been cosplaying for about two years and have known about cosplay for seven years.Why did I start cosplaying just recently?Well that’s because in the past I didn’t really think cosplay was something I could do myself till I discovered a local convention called Animazement that happens every year. I was already into Anime and Manga and I had my waifu, and husbando’s lined up that I loved so much. I always thought if I could be them for just an hour or at least meet them just once then I could “die happy”. And when I went to my first convention I realized I wasn’t the only one who thought this way (YAY! New friends >//.//<). And this led me to researching Cosplay deeper and led me to watching cosplay music videos on YouTube (I literally spent hours nonstop watching when I first started watching). The videos Inspired me to actually show people what I could do (I was already creating my own cosplays but I just wasn’t showcasing them) but I like to become my own favorite characters. Now, on a day to day basis I’m always creating something for a cosplay I’m doing or one that I know I would like to work toward in the future. The cosplays I’ve done so far is Harley Quinn, and Juliet from the movie “Gnomeo and Juliet” and right now for 2015 I’m working on three new cosplays for Animazement 2015. My  four cosplays will be Inori from ‘Guilty Crown’, Sheryl Nome in her Diamond Creavasse dress from ‘Macross Frontier’, the female version of Howl from ‘Howls Moving Castle ‘, and a human version of No Face from ‘Spirited away’ . I’m very excited to bring all of these cosplays to different conventions this 2015. On the side of doing cosplays I usually make a lot of items that are inspired from different Anime’s and Manga’s and also doing cosplay accessories that you can wear even in everyday life. Another thing I love doing that cosplay has inspired me to work with is makeup. I love doing transformations into another character to the point it hard for me and others to recognize myself. So far I’v done many Male Transformations and also make up tests for the character NaNa from the anime and manga ‘Nana’ and Cheshire cat makeup from Alice in wonderland. I’m still in the learning process when it comes to Cosplaying but I am pretty advanced when it comes to using different materials and I would like to pass on my knowledge to others. So, yeah that’s about me and I hope I can help you as much as I can. Remember, Stay Positive, Stay Healthy and Stay Creative


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