Violinist Kaori Miyazono or Mage Lucy Heartfilia ? Cosplay Them Both

 There seems nothing common in Kaori  and Lucy, while as a cosplayer, you will see some shared features.

Here Luxayre Cosplay will show us how to become You Lie In April Kaori and Fairy Tail Lucy with one same wig and some makeup.collage-lucy-and-kaori

Kaori Miyazono

She is an aspiring violinist with a rather sad story. This tear jerker anime has found many fans. It’s not surprising at all, Kaori’s cheerful und selfless character is very popular. So, naturally, you want to cosplay her, right?

Remember that Lucy Heartfilia hairstyle? You can use her wig ! Just leave out the pigtails.

1.Prime your face and use foundation and concealer. Kaori is a rather innocent school girl, so make sure you look young and fresh. Set everything with Now use some really pink blush. And lots of highlighter for that glowing teenage girl look. Don’t contour your face, Kaori is young and her face is round. Only contour what needs to be defined.3. Apply eyeliner. Don’t use too much or you will look too much like an adult. Use white eyeliner on your waterline and black eyeliner underneath your lower lash line. Then apply mascara on your lower lashes. Put highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes. I also concealed the edges of my lips and used some pink lipstick.step-cc3. Now stick your lashes and wig on!luckyyy

Now let’s see how she turn herself into Lucy Heartfilia with this same wig and some different makeup  skills:

Lucy Heartfilia

  1. Start with priming your face. Apply foundation and concealer. Set everything with powder. If you want you can apply setting spray as well. It’s important that your face is all smooth and nice.
  2. Now apply a little contouring if you need it. Don’t make it too harsh, Lucy has a very feminine face. Only contour your nose and maybe your jaw. Now apply a super pink blush, but don’t use too much. Afterwards, put some glittery highlighter on your cheekbones, on your cupid’s bow, on your lips, on your chin and on your forehead.
  3. Great! Now your eyeliner. Lucy’s eyes are very round. So don’t be afraid to wear a more dramatic style. Apply a natural light or white eyeliner on your waterline. Apply mascara on your lower lashes, draw a thin line from the outer edge of your eyes underneath your lower lash line. Don’t make it too long. Apply highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes.lucyllstep-lucy

Cosplay makes one creative, and you will find a new and diffrent you with cosplaying.

Keep trying!

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(Lucy by Vikki Kafei, Erza by Megan Coffey, both costumes by Miccostumes)




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