Videogame Cosplay Interview: Auron from Final Fantasy X

Hey there this is the Lunar Angel, bringing you the latest and greatest cosplay related content straight from the Sunshine State of Florida, USA. Ill be bringing you news on Florida cons and the cosplayers that frequent there. So lets get started by meeting one of Florida’s best cosplayers: Shawn Tuffy as he cosplays Auron from Final Fantasy X. This is just a small taste of the interview to read more follow the link at the bottom 🙂

1.Tell us about your character and why you chose to portray him. What similarities do you have with your character?
“I was told a few years ago that I resembled the character, I shrugged it off at the time. Then I was looking for a challenge and my friend brought Auron up again. That is when I realized I fit the character very well. My girlfriend, Danielle, said she would cosplay as Rikku (a female character in Final Fantasy X), so I figured it would be fun to do this in a group. I would like to thank my friend Jessie for recommending Auron.”

2.What initially drove you to play Final Fantasy X?
“Hehe, I didn’t. But I decided to make the costume so I can cosplay in a group, its more fun that way. I own the game but due to work I have not been able to play video games as much as I would like.”

3.Is Auron your favorite videogame character? If not who is?
“Auron is not my favorite. My favorite of all time is Parappa the Rapper. I also like Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII and The Great Mizuti from Baten Kaitos.”

4.What drove you to put in the work to make this Auron’s outfit and how did you go about making it?
“I was taught by a pro seamstress, I was inspired by her work and sought to make something as good as she could. As for Auron, I often saw people copying his outfit from images, but I look at his picture and imagine how it would be made in real life. If it looked like leather, I made it out of leather. The sword Auron wields is impressive but it is against convention rules to bring in dangerous weapons, instead I used wood and fiberglass to make it. The hardest part to make was the belt and getting the jug Auron always carries with him to stay in place.”

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