Videogame Cosplay Interview: Jen Amador as Cammy White (Part 2)

In my last piece we learned about Jen Amador, a Florida cosplayer, that cosplays as the beautiful Cammy White of Street Fighter fame.  We learned about her love of the character and what she did to make the cosplay come to life.  To see the first part of this interview click HERE.

This time we will be learning about Jen’s experiences as this femme fatal, in Part 2 of this interview.

7. What do you personally feel when you are portraying the character and why do you choose to cosplay her?
I feel really confident and strong when I’m cosplaying Cammy. This costume has really taught me to love and appreciate the body I have despite what anyone else thinks.

8. What are people’s reactions to you when you are in costume?
I have gotten some comments about it but I’ve also gotten a lot of compliments from males and females alike. I feel like people misinterpret love of a character and of your body as a need for attention.
The reactions vary. Some people love it and want to stop me for a picture or to ask me for a win quote and some people make rude comments. But that’s the situation with any cosplay I suppose.

9. What was the hardest part about bringing this character to life?

Maintaining the serious attitude all day. I’m a very happy person most of the time but Cammy is known for her serious determination, so keeping my poker face was the hardest part.

10. Did you ever get any special recognition for this costume?

None yet but I’ve only worn it once.

11. What videogame character would you like to portray next?

Next on the list is Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but you can expect a lot of video game costumes in the future.

12. Lastly is there anything you would like to convey to the readers?

Just that cosplaying is a hobby in order to showcase the things that you love. If you love a character, don’t let anyone else’s opinions stop you from cosplaying them.

If you wish to see more cosplays by Jen Amador, you can check out her Facebook Cosplay profile HERE, her deviant art page HERE, or her Cosplay.Com profile HERE.

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