Videogame Cosplay Interview: Jen Amador as Cammy (Part 1)

Today, I bring to you another Videogame Cosplay Interview.  This time I would like to feature one of the sexiest fighters in Street Fighter: Cammy White.  Cosplaying as this tough blonde is one of Florida’s young and talented cosplayers: Jen Amador.

Jen is a 19 years old lifelong Floridian and works as a costume designer and in everyone’s favorite gaming store Gamestop. She has been into gaming since the day she was born as she had two older brothers and many cousins she was close to that trained her in the skills of the art of the two thumbs. Jen’s first gaming experiences were with Tekken 2 and Super Mario 64. Jen now enjoys fighting games and RPGs, with her favorite game being Final Fantasy 8.

Jen got into costuming in 2007 after visiting her first anime/videogame convention. After falling in love with the environments and people that attended she knew she must be a part of the cosplay experience and she debuted as a cosplayer that very same year. But she made her very first costume long before then, at 5 years old she made a catwoman costume. It was just meant to be you can say.

Cosplay has been a big part of her life as she has made friends because of it that have brought her to love the hobby/lifestyle even more. She has even found romance in this world, and everyone enjoys having a partner that recognizes this great hobby. But now I hope that you all enjoy this interview I had with Jen as much as I have.

1. As a female cosplayer, why did you take an interest in this character and how close does the character resemble your personality?

Cammy White is one of my favorite female video game characters of all time. She’s a very strong character who won’t take sass from anyone…unless you’re Bison, but that doesn’t count. I do think we share some personality in that we are both very blunt, determined, and we love cats. She loves cats, my favorite win quote of hers is “I’m thinking about adopting a cat when I get home” hah.

2. What initially drew you to play the game she is from?

Well I always loved fighting games and my brothers playing a lot of Street Fighter. Whenever they played Super Street Fighter II I always wanted to play as “the pretty blonde girl”.

3. Did the character’s outfit influence your choice in cosplaying her? What was the main draw toward choosing this outfit?

Well it took a lot of working out on my end before I felt confident enough to rock the thong leotard but out of all of Cammy’s outfits I always loved her Shadaloo outfit. I just love how all the pieces look together, the leotard, the tie, and the garrison cap. I plan on eventually doing other versions of Cammy as well.

4. Why do you feel this character is special to the game she is from? How would you feel if the game did not have that character in it?

Cammy was the second female character added to the Street Fighter series and I feel that she appealed to more female gamers. She’s an attractive British fighter with a strong personality and I really don’t know if I would’ve played Street Fighter as much as I do if she weren’t in it.

5. Is she your favorite videogame character? If not who is?

She’s definitely one of my favorite of all time but I have a few. Rinoa and Vanille from the Final Fantasy series are definitely up there, as well as Garrus from Mass Effect and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda.

6. What drove you to put in the work to make this character’s outfit and how did you go about making it?

Well, love for the character is what drove me. I made it by buying a stretch knit fabric and drafting a pattern for the leotard by hand in order for it to fit me as accurately as possible. I bought a 50 inch blonde wig and styled it and hand painted the markings on my tights with a stencil I made.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview soon!

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