Videogame Cosplay Interview: Brittany Jung as Zelda (Part 1)


Today we will be continuing our Videogame Cosplay Interview series, today we have a Florida cosplayer known as Brittany Jung as she cosplays Zelda from The Legend of Zelda.  She is a 22 year old cosplayer that studies photography, she aspires to one day run her own costume photography studio.  She started gaming around 6 or 7 years old, playing the original Legend of Zelda back on the NES.  Now she enjoys RPGS, action/adventure, and fighting games.  Her favorite game is Kingdom Hearts.

Brittany first got into costuming at 8 years old when she dressed as Zelda for Halloween.  It was her first costume so it did not really look too much like the zelda we know and love.  But as you can see Brittany has improved greatly since then and is now making many wonderful costumes.  She shows these costumes off at local conventions, which she first started attending in 2003.  She has made many wonderful friends at these conventions as well as finding a boyfriend to share in her cosplay hobby.  She is now an active participant in Metrocon‘s (a large FL convention) Chess Match, which has various videogame and anime characters fighting it out in a live stage show.

Now that we know a little bit about this great cosplayer, let us now find out more about her beautiful Zelda cosplay:


1. As a female cosplayer, why did you take an interest in this character and how close does the character resemble your personality?

“I feel like Zelda is a strong Female character. I like to find stronger Female characters to cosplay as. I don’t see her as a damsel in distress as much as others may see her. I am not very close to Zelda personality wise except for the kindness and caring aspect of her. I am not very “princess-like” at all! I am very much a tomboy.”

2. What initially drew you to play the game she is from?

“I think, if I can remember that far back, I was drawn to it because my cousins were playing it. I wanted to play it myself and so my parents bought it for me. I spent hours trying to beat it and I was surprisingly good at it for being so young! It’s really special to me because it connects me back with childhood. I used to pretend to be Zelda when we played those little grade-school games.”

3. Did the character’s outfit influence your choice in cosplaying her?  What was the main draw toward choosing this outfit?

“I love her outfit! The design is so complex as simple as it looks. There are so many interesting designs and I love that.”


4. What kind of female videogame characters would you like to cosplay?

“Hmm.. I have wanted to cosplay as Kos-Mos before, but I would also like to cosplay as Princess Peach as well as Twilight Princess Zelda.”

5. Is she your favorite videogame character? If not who is?

“My favorite video game character is Sora from Kingdom Hearts. I connect with him a lot. He is honestly the male version of me.

6. What drove you to put in the work to make this character’s outfit and how did you go about making it?

“The love for the series puts a huge drive in everything that I do when it comes to cosplay. Sometimes I had to walk away from it it got frustrating and I wanted it to be perfect! The whole costumes involves everything from craft foam to resin. The armor pieces and crown is made out of craft foam and clay covered in resin. It’s more of a pain to wear since I can’t really move in it all that well. That’s probably why the game Zelda cannot really move either, hahah. The front panel is all embroidered. And the dress was just made out of a basic dress pattern and had the lines sewn on which was much more painful that it looks. The ears are made of latex and were bought as well as my Ocarina, which actually plays! The whole process took about 3 months to complete.”


Stay tuned because later this week will be part 2

of my interview with Brittany Jung as Zelda.

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