Ultimate Bleach Cosplay Tutorials Collection – Pandora Box For Bleach Cosplay

We have talked about how to cosplay naruto before, and provide some good naruto cosplay tutorails. Today we will digg some useful tutorials about bleach cosplay, hope these tutorials will inspire you and just go to diy bleach cosplay yourself.

Bleach Cosplay Accessories tutorials:

Photo from SailorAnime

  1. How to make Bleach Ulquiorra’s Mask
  2. How to make Bleach Yumichika’s Face Feathers
  3. How to make Bleach Hollow Masks

Bleach Cosplay Makeup tutorials:

  1. Bleach Rukia  Cosplay Makeup tutorail : text , video
  2. How to cut and style Bleach Ichigo cosplay wig

Bleach Cosplay Costumes ,wigs and shoes tutorials:

Bleach costumes are almost inspired by traditional Japanese clothing,so the core to make bleach cosplay costumes is learning some basic tips for how to make some basic parts of Japanese clothes

  1. How to make Japanses Hakama : text , video
  2. How to tie an obi
  3. How to make Bleach Szayel Aporro Espada Uniform
  4. How to make Bleach Waraji
  5. How to make Bleach Arrancar boots

Other tips about Bleach Cosplay :

  1. Bleach cosplay tips
  2. Bleach FAQ for all Bleach Costumes

How to Draw Bleach

  1. How to draw Rukia from Bleach
  2. How to draw Bleach Ichigo


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