Top 8 Amorous Characters in Animation

It’s common to see complicated love triangle or multangular love in animation. Today I would like to share my “8 Amorous Characters” in animation with you.

Top1. Saotome Alto from Macross Frontier

Amorous Princess Sama is always considered as a girl for his gorgeous appearance and long hair. He is wandering between Sheryl Nome and Ranka. It’s reported that in the newest movie version, Sama refuses Ranka and dates with Sheryl Nome. That’s the ending which I want. XD

Top2. Inuyasha

He is the most confused one on the list. Higurashi Kagome and Kikyou are the same people who live in different times and have totally different characters. In fact, this is ignored by most people. If Inuyasha let the past go and move on, he would not suffer the pain.

Top3. Ikari Shinji from EVA

Speaking of love triangle, we have to mention Ikari Shinji. The love among Ikari Shinji, Ayanami Rei and Asuka Langley Soryu is always a controversial topic. There would be a strong disagreement about which one Ikari Shinji loves. In my personal opinion, Ikari Shinji is absolutely in love with Ayanami Rei.

Top4. Kurosu Yuki from Vampire Knight

When I watch the anime, I was so angry about her acracholia. She is always chop and change.

Top5. Niwa Daisuke from D•N•ANGEL

As a matter of fact, it’s improper only to point out Niwa Daisuke. The sophisticated and freaky quadrangles love may be one of selling points. No, we should say it’s a selling point! The twins have the same appearance, yet different characters. Everything is in a mess. You can never figure out which two are a couple! The thing left to us is only confusion!

Top6. Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

She is innocent, kind and optimistic. Whoever gets in touch with her would be attracted by her charisma. Undoubtedly both Yuki Sohma and Kyo Sohma fall in love with her. Tohru Honda chooses Kyo Sohma as her sweetheart. But don’t you think Tohru Honda love Yuki? The answer is definitely “Impossible”!

Top7. Kudou Shinichi from Detective Conan

It would be more appropriate to say the competition between Shinchi&Mouri Ran and Conan&Haibara Bi rather than the love between Conan, Mouri Ran and Haibara Bi. When Conan calmly catches the criminals, the fans, including me, can’t help but arguing about the ending fiercely. XD Please pray that Gosho Aoyama would bring Detective Conan to an end as soon as possible. And don’t put our nose to the grindstone.

Top8. Miaka Yūki from Fushigi Yuugi

As we all known, It’s generally conceded that Miaka Yūki and Tamahome are the lovers. But why I put Miaka Yūki on this list? It’s because she is loved by so many people and I envy her. XD

That’s the top 8 amorous characters in animation. Are you still in confusion about their complicated love? Who do you think is the most amorous one?