Top 4 Ways to Make Catwoman Claws

As you know, claws are the earliest and most essential weapon for Catwoman. However, for safety reasons, most Catwoman costumes do not include the claws. Thus, four simple but efficient ways are listed here to help you make Catwoman claws for batman returns cosplay. Now, let’s take a closer look at the detailed steps.

Make Catwoman claws via gloves + thimbles

Tutorial comes from Ranger-26.


  • 10 thimbles
  • A small sheet of Wonderflex 
  • A pair of gloves
  • A pair of scissors
  • A heat gun
  • Mod Podge
  • Krylon Black spray paint
  • Krylon Metallic silver spray paint
  • Varnish
  • Super glue

1. Cut out the shapes. Cut out little strips and heat them with a heat gun until they are soft. Roll them with your fingers to round them completely, then bend the material.

2. Wrap one end with more Wonderflex to give it more dimension.

3. Continue making other claws in the same way. To give a Pheiffer’s Catwoman a messy look, the claws don’t have to be symmetrical.

4. Heat the base of the claw and then rub it on the thimble until it is completely stuck on the metal.

5. To better hold them together, cut some small strips and then wrap these pieces around the thimble and the claw.

6. Take Mod Podge to brush over the plastic parts.

7. Paint the entire outside of the claw with Krylon Black spray paint. Once the paint is dry, apply a coat of Krylon Metallic silver spray paint.

8. Seal these claws with your varnish.

9. Glue these claws to your gloves. Apply the super glue to the inside of each thimble and then place the thimbles on each finger. When the glue becomes dry, do not hesitate to put the Catwoman claws to use.

DIY Catwoman claws by gloves + fake nails

Laura shows us an easy way. To do so, you need materials:

  • Fake nails
  • Gloves
  • Back paint
  • Hot glue gun

First of all, apply your favorite pattern on the fake nails. Then, paint the underside of the nails black to match the gloves better. Finally, attach them to the gloves with your hot glue gun. Results are as follows.

Create Catwoman claws with aluminum sheet or cored solder

XyleBluex also mentioned two methods in his video. The materials required for these two versions are as follows:

Version 1: aluminum sheet, hot gun and electrical tape

Version 2: cored solder, pin/needle and hot gun

Now refer to the video to make the claws you want.

This page shows you tutorials on how to make Catwoman claws with ease. You can choose one based on your own situation. By the way, Miccostumes has already launched Catwoman cosplay costume with good quality. You can have a try, if needed.


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