Cosplayer Interview – Ayi

Today we are glad to have Ayi attend our Cosplayer Interview program. Ayi is still a student, known as Yinneian on Deviantart. Like most of other cosplayers, she treats cosplay as a hobby, which brings her fun and helps to relieve stress. Ok, let’s share and enjoy her cosplay story. Welcome, Ayi!

1. Please Introduce yourself first.

Hmmm.. my friends call me ayi but i’m known for ‘yinneian’ in DA.
I’m 21, a student, i cosplay. Well, maybe that’s all of it.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?
Hobby, my ‘fun’ time and stress reliever

3. What and when was your first cosplay?
April 2009- Jigoku Shoujo: Futakari Enma Ai

4. Does your family support your cosplay?
Yup. As long as it will not hinder my studies, they let me do anything;
They even give me a ride almost always to conventions and photo op.

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

Teru of Versailles. The heels were killing me! The costume’s so darn hot. The hardest wig styling ever and the hardest and longest time to prepare.

6. Any other cosplay plan in 2011?
Zidane- FF9/Dissidia, Mogami Kyoko-Evil Angel, Sekai-ichi hatsukoi *Ritsu, Benten Zone-00

7. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?
I buy the materials and plan the entire thing but I have my seamstress to tailor and patch everything.

8.Any other cosplayers you like?
YUEGENE! Kumoran, Lalax | Kachan, Krishinya

9. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?
I became weirder accdg to people around me. lol. Putting that aside, I happened to learn to save money.

I need to buy this and that- so whenever I don’t have any expenditure, I have extra money. SAVINGS

10. Any advice you wanna share with cosplay newbies?
No. that’s a pain; and some don’t appreciate such things, so none.