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Name: Xylina Catipon
Gender: Female
Nationality: Filipino
Social Networks:

Hi! My name is Xylina C. I have been cosplaying since I was fourteen and I LOVE photography. I wish to have my own studio someday. I have won one award for my cosplay. I have cosplayed Misa Amane from Death Note, Sakura Haruno from Naruto, Blair from Soul Eater and Chii from Chobits. I have a lot more of characters in mind so watch out for that! I do cosplay as a hobby and my boyfriend loves it as well. Unfortunately we’ve been busy lately and we can’t get the time to make any more outfits. Is why I want to win hopefully and get him a Sasuke costume.


Naruto Cosplays Done by Xylina

1. Sakura

Xylina Catipon_44

Comment: This photo was taken @ Sac Anime Summer 2011. I won the audience choice award along with my two friends. I hand stitched this costume and was really resourceful. I think it could be called my debut :]

2. Sakura

Xylina Catipon_1

Comment: This is taken specifically for miccostume :] I hope you guys like it. It’s just me in my Haruno Sakura Costume.

3. Sakura

Xylina Catipon_33

Comment:I wanted to portray Sakura’s nostalgic side and compassion.

4. Uchiha Itachi

Xylina Catipon_55

Comment:Umm, this photo was taken as a request from my friend who owned an online shop. He wanted a model for his Sharingan Crazy lens. So he used this photo of me cosplaying Uchiha Itachi for his website. I’m still up there actually, at

5. Sakura

Xylina Catipon_22

Comment:This is the last photo, it’s a self taken photo of myself. I think it turned out pretty nice looking 😀


Here’s an simple interview:



Q: Which Naruto costume listed as prizes do you most want?

A: I’d want to win the Sasuke costume. Not really for myself but for my boyfriend. He’s always wanted that outfit and I would want to win this contest for him. He helped me a lot in getting my award-winning sakura costume together and I think it would be nice to get him that as a gift.

Q: What’s attractive to you about cosplay?

A: I think cosplay is a good way to express myself artistically, and it is quite an interesting hobby because I learn how to create things for my costumes. Not to mention that it doesnt just involve dressing up but also acting like a certain character. I get to learn a lot of things and spend time with my friends whenever we think of doing a cosplay.

Q: Your most memorable moment while cosplay?

A: It was more of the fact that we were on stage than that I won the Audience Award for the Sac Anime 2011. We didn’t really practice for the poses and only improvised but it turned out really good. My friend who cosplayed Juugo from Naruto unexpectedly threw his shirt(or should I say curtain) off on stage which made the girls scream. I also felt so shy at first but when the people cheered for us it was kind of a warm feeling. I also wouldnt forget that it was the first con I went to in the US and I won, it was really fun! When the judges called our group people screamed my name! And I went on stage and gave them a win pose. It was really unexpected that we won so it was overall a great feeling I will never forget.

Q: Are you often photographed? Since many cosplayer (especially beginners) feel nervous or unnatural while facing the lens, would you like to sharing us some experience or skills here?

A: Often photographed? Yes I am! Well of course I have those moments that I don’t know what to do, because of various reasons like I’m not prepared physically or just confidence wise, but I have been cosplaying since I was 14 and I am kind of used to it. I just think that I have to overcome it and try to pose the best way I can for the photos that people want from me. I also try to teach my friends not to be scared of the camera either!

Q: Is there any cosplay plan you are rather interested in yet not able to do it due to some reasons? And what is your next plan?

A: Yes there are.  Most of the time, the reasons  that slow down my cosplay plans are financial problems and also my weight. Although people say that I don’t look bad in my costume, I still think I need to work out a little more to be sure that I pull off the characters.  I have a lot of other cosplay plans for the future. I would want to do Blair from Soul eater, Tifa from Final Fantasy, Babydoll from Sucker Punch, Mai from KOF and a lot more… My upcoming/ under construction cosplay is Haruhi Suzumiya bunny version. I plan on cosplaying her on January.

Q: Which cons do you want to participate recently? What is your favorite part about going to cons?

A: I want to go to Comic Con because I’ve never gone there. But since I am only in sacramento I think I would be able to go to Sac anime or sac con more often.

My favorite part during cons are meeting cool new people, finding creative works, and seeing my friends that barely visit, and taking pictures with them.  I also like watching people’s skits and runways. Furthermore, I also love shopping for the things they have on sale.

Q: How do your family members think of your cosplay? Do you also feel interested and support you?

A: My family has always been supportive of me. As a matter of fact, my mother paid for my first cosplay outfit 😀 They always post my pictures on their facebook to show their friends, I think its quite flattering. My family in both the Philippines and US seem to be very interested and proud of me.

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See the Prizes. Naruto cosplay is the theme for sponsor contest in December. So, ten Naruto costumes are picked out as prizes for winners. Click each of them to go to the product page, where detailed information about the costume can be seen. Each winner can choose any ONE from these costumes.

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