How to Make Vocaloid Magnet’s Dress by Transforming a Cheap Wedding Gown?

It’s an interesting matter to make cosplay props by ourselves. And most costumes or weapons don’t cost us a lot. Below, tips on making Vocaloid Magnet Costume by transforming an amazingly cheap wedding gown are shared with you.

Required items: a cheap wedding dress purchased online, 1 meter of striped cloth, 1 meter of hard lining, 4 meters of organdy or yarn, 1 meter of organza, a roll of white line and a packet of needles. Actually, there will be redundant fabric that can be used to make other things.

1. Neckline. This photo shows you the wedding dress I bought online. (About cheap wedding dresses, you can check here!) The neckline can be altered. Just cut out the desirable shape and sew it up.

2. Bowknot. Below, you see materials we will use later (the sash has been made in advance. I’ll show you how to make it later).

Cut a piece of hard lining that is 1 meter long and 35 CM wide. Then, cut a piece of organdy or yarn that has the same length but double width than the hard lining. Encase the hard lining by organdy and fold it for three times like below picture shows to you.

Pinch at the middle of this semi-finished item and sew it by needles. Then, the bowknot is completed. To help it seem more gorgeous, diamond-like sequins are used, which is sold under $2 per meter.

3. Train. It’s very simple. Just find a piece of organza that’s 3 meters long and fold it in the middle. Sew the train together with the bowknot. To enhance the beautiful sense, you can add some lacework on the edge, which only costs you about $2.

Attach the train, bowknot to the sash by a pin.

The train has been finished.

4. Sash. Method to make the bowknot can be used to make the sash again. First, find a piece of hard lining that is 10 CM wide. The length should be 5 CM larger than your waistline. Striped cloth should be doubly wide and 5 CM longer than the hard lining. In this case, it can be folded inwards. Then, cover the hard lining by striped cloth (if possible, iron it please). Sew them up on all sides and sew the adhesive buttons onto it.

After wearing a sash, the waist seems rather slim \(^o^)/.

The original wedding dress has bra-like undergarment. So don’t worry the dress will not look great because of your small chest. More tutorials can be found on