Retweet Contest – Who Will Be the Lucky One to Be Sponsored?


This isn’t a joke, cosplay devotees. Just follow Miccostumes at and retweet the particular tweets (see the details below). You are likely to be drawn as the lucky one, who will get a sponsorship from us! All you need to do is to forward our tweet. Click your mouse or move your finger on your phone, you will witness the miracle :P!

To celebrate the coming Valentine’s Day, we have launched a Couple Cosplay Contest. Yeh, this is the second one – retweet our tweet. As long as you have a Twitter account, you can do it.

How to Join?

  • Register at and find Miccostumes.
  • Retweet any one of the two tweets we published earlier as below.

  • One of you will be drawn out as the lucky dog – the winner :P.

Time for This Activity

This retweet event will be held during February 1 – 28 (New York Time). We will draw out the lucky one and announce the winner on February 29.

Prize for Winner

There will be 1 winner at last, who will be sponsored with a free cosplay costume. The winner can choose any costume in our store.

So, once you have already had a cosplay plan in mind, say it out and retweet. Who will be the lucky fellow? Let’s expect :D.

We launched this Retweet activity. See details here: .So, who will be the lucky fellow in such a romantic month? Say out the cartoon character you most want to cosplay in 2012 and Retweet now.