How to make Tsubasa Chronicle’s Sakura Headband


I’ve always loved CLAMP’s works, especially Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa reservoir chronicle so today I’ve made this tutorial will show you how to recreate Sakura’s headband as shown above^^ Check out my Deviantart page for more cosplay accessories.

What You Need:

  • A4 Pink foam sheets x3
  • Pink cotton fabric
  • Pink organza fabric – this is like a see through fabric, it’s a bit rough and keeps it’s shape rather than chiffon.
  • Yellow Beads
  • Silver/Gold flat head pin findings – these are usually used to make earrings
  • Silver/Gold crimps – they look like small beads and are made from metal.
  • Small Gold/Yellow beads
  • Hot Glue
  • 10 metres of thin red rope
  • Large Gold beads that can fit though the rope.
  • Headband
  • Stanley Knife
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Pink/white thread
  • Pliers
  • You will also need to download this template


  1. Download the template and cut it out.  Draw this template out onto the foam sheets. You will need 18 flowers.
  2. Cut out a lot of  sakura petals from the 2 types of fabric. They don’t have to be perfect, just roughly cut them out.
  3. Grab one foam flower, place the petals onto the foam in a circular motion, swapping between cotton and organza fabric.
  4. After completing one round of petals, sew this down with the sewing needle and thread. Make sure all the petals are sewed down.
  5. Make another round of petals and sew it down again.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5. You will need 9 flowers in total.

P111008001 7. Get your flat head findings and thread though the small gold/yellow bead. Get a crimp, thread this through and using the pliers squish down the crimp. this will stop the bead from moving. You will need to make 54 of these.

8. Put a little ball of hotglue onto the middle of the flower. Place 6 of your findings onto this. Make sure they are evenly spread out.

9. Using hotglue, glue a yellow bead in the middle of the flower to cover the findings. Repeat for all 9 flowers.

10. Grab an unused foam flower, place this on the back of a flower you just made. Don’t put it under the flower directly, make the petals for both flowers show.


11. IMPORTANT! Hot glue the two flowers together only 2/3 way. Make sure you have 1/3 still unglued! Repeat for a total of 7 flowers. Leave the other 2 flowers aside.


12. Grab your headband and find the middle. Get one of your flowers and fold open the unglued part. Now put a thick strip of  hot glue onto the middle of the headband and place the flower directly above it. Make sure the flower stands up straight.

13. Glue the remaining 6 flowers onto the headband, working from the middle down.

14. Cut your red rope into 8 lengths. 6x 1.5 metres and 2x 1 metre

15.  Grab the 1metre rope and wrap this around your 4 fingers 4 times. Pull it off and with the ends of the rope, tie 2 knots to secure the bow. Repeat for the other rope. Cut off excess.

16. With your 6 red ropes, tie little bows along it, make sure the bows are all at the same places. IMPORTANT leave out 2 ropes. These two ropes can have the same bows along it but skip one for the top. Our flowers will go in this spot.

17. Grab 3 of the 1.5m ropes and hot glue them together right under the flower on the head band. Make sure the ropes with the missing bows goes at the front. Do the same for the other side.

18. Glue down the bows you just made on top of the 3 ropes.

19. Where we left a gap for the front ropes, sandwich together the flower, rope and unused flower. Glue with hot glue.


20. Thread though the bottom of ropes 5 of the larger gold beads and knot the end. Repeat for all 6 ropes.

21. Optional: If you want you can curve the metal findings instead of leaving it straight. To curve it use your pliers.