Top 10 Beautiful Dumb Doras in Japanese Anime

Beautiful dumb Doras have already become pretty scenery in the anime world. Boys who tender heart are often attracted by these girls. But most smart girls turn their noses up at those witless beauties. Below, top 10 good-looking yet wooden-hearted anime girls are listed.

No. 10: Mouri Ran in Detective Conan

1-Mouri Ran

Reason to be selected: Mouri Ran is cute and good at Karate. But while being compared with intelligent Kudou Shinichi, she feels more like a witless beauty.

Beauty Index: ★★★ Idiot Index: ★

No. 9: Nāra-Oh Renge in Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato

2-Nāra-Oh Renge

Reason to be selected: becoming stubborn and extreme because of love, Nāra-Oh Renge is lack of acute insight.

Beauty Index: ★★★ Idiot Index: ★☆

No. 8: Shaina in Saint Seiya


Reason to be selected: understanding love yet not knowing how to love, Shaina is a spoony girl. She can learn from Chun Li and Esmeralda about how to attract the lover’s heart.

Beauty Index: ★★★ Idiot Index: ★★

No. 7: Haruko Akagi in Slam Dunk

4-Haruko Akagi

Reason to be selected: Haruko Akagi worries about Sakuragi and Rukawa all the day, who is absolutely a witless beauty. But probably, ideal girls for high school boys are definitely like her, XD.

Beauty Index: ★★★☆ Idiot Index: ★★★

No. 6: Saori Kido in Saint Seiya

5-Saori Kido

Reason to be selected: As Athena’s incarnation, Saori is so weak in self-protection that she is easily entrapped in danger. As a result, a number of handsome boys fight and sacrifice for her.

Beauty Index: ★★★★ Idiot Index: ★★★☆

No. 5: Asuka Sugo in Future GPX Cyber Formula


Reason to be selected: Asuka Sugo is absolutely a decorative vase girl with good-looking face and slender figure. As an innocent racing girl, she is lack of personality and characteristics.

Beauty Index: ★★★★★ Idiot Index: ★★★☆

No. 4: Carol in Daughter of the Nile


Reason to be selected: probably the author makes Carol a perfect girl like the angel. But it’s a pity that things go contrary to his wish. Readers don’t like Carol because she is arrogant and troublesome.

Beauty Index: ★★★★ Idiot Index: ★★★★

No. 3: Yuri Suzuki in Anatolia Story

8-Yuri Suzuki

Reason to be selected: Yuri Suzuki always seem unhappy, who combines shortcomings on Asuka and Carol.

Beauty Index: ★★☆ Idiot Index: ★★★★

No. 2: Miaka Yūki in Fushigi Yûgi

9-Miaka Yūki

Reason to be selected: undoubtedly, Miaka Yūki is a witless young girl. Even though her intelligence quotient is low, she has an incredibly good appetite. But such a girl is loved by lots of handsome boys. No wonder all girls don’t like her.

Beauty Index: ★★★ Idiot Index: ★★★★☆

No. 1: Tsukino Usagi in Sailor Moon

10-Tsukino Usagi

Reason to be selected: Tsukino Usagi may be the most stupid girl among idiots. She is a funny young girl, claiming do duty for the Moon.

Beauty Index: ★★★☆ Idiot Index: ★★★★★

Is it unbelievable to see the intelligent goddess Athena is considered to be a dumb Dora? Anyway, different people hold diverse opinions for this. Just join in the discussion below.

Top 10 Cool Boys in the Anime World

There have been so many anime characters that leave a deep impression for us. Cool boys listed below absolutely belong to that range. Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 cool anime boys.

Top 1: Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knight

Being gentle, cruel-hearted, callous, aloof, proud and graceful, this is Kuran Kaname, who steals the show in the Night Department where are filled with elites. He advocates peace, innocence and opposes rumor. He exists like a prince.

Comment: Kuran Kaname has an incomparably handsome appearance and gentle personality. He has advantages that are desired by all girls. It seems like the word of prince exists only for him. Drawing attention from almost each girl, he is an eternally appealing character in the anime industry.

Top 2: Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Being dignified, intellectual, gentle and handsome, Sebastian Michaelis is an ideal man. He speaks in a soft manner. But he often feels distressed due to the servant’s incapability and even comes up with some rude words in the heart. His love for cat is incredible. But he hates dog and consider dogs to be scum who bow their heads to get reward from people.

Comment: Sebastian Michaelis looks handsome and perfectly deals with household duties. But also, he is a demon steward who smiles gently yet feels rather wily. He exists only for his master. But he spares no efforts to take his master’s soul away. Everything about Sebastian Michaelis is mysterious. The more you want to understand him, the more fascinated you will feel with him. It’s said he obtains favor from all girls at the first glimpse. This is really not exaggerating!

Top 3: Usui Takumi from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama

Being handsome, intellectual and capable, Usui Takumi gains affection from most girls. He is good at English, international chess and has ever learned Shaolin boxing. Also doing well in Cuisine and winning the first place even though not reviewing before examination, Usui Takumi is absolutely a perfect man with incomparable capability.

Comment: Usui Takumi is flirtatious and has never expressed his real personality to anybody. He is clever and has excellent outsight. This is a perfect man without any shortcoming on the capability.

Top 4: Syusuke Fuji from The Prince Of Tennis

So far, Syusuke Fuji’s real power is still a secret. Often smiling with eyes close and feeling indifferent even while playing ball, he is rather mysterious. However, once meeting a forceful rival, he will become serious instantly. If you scrutinize carefully, you will easily find Syusuke Fuji will seriously play ball while opening his eyes.

Comment: outsight, forecast ability, speed and skill, which are considered to be crucial elements on tennis, are all perfectly embodied on Syusuke Fuji. To see his match is like to see a wonderful performance. Each time when he defeats a rival, he will often bend his eyes. His smile is as warm as the sunshine, making so many girls feel fascinated. What’s more, Syusuke Fuji is unafraid of vegetable juice. In a word, he is so cool, XD.

Top 5: Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha

Sesshoumaru has argenteous hair and a moon mark on the forehead. There are two demon lines on both sides of his cheek. Several sakuras decorate his white kimono, making it seem more splendid. Being aristocratic, Sesshoumaru is a handsome boy combining ice and fire.

Comment: having a completely different personality with Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru is indifferent and arrogant. He is incredibly perfect. His Metamorphosis is rather horrible. But in many cases, he is a noble boy. His ideal image makes all boys feel envious and girls feel fascinated.

Top 6: Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler

Having a spacious territory, Ciel Phantomhive is the proprieter of a toy fruit manufactory. Queen ruler in that era took a fancy to him and wished him to eradicate all tenebrous and vicious power for her. Ciel Phantomhive gained much respect from both gangdom and righteous groups. He wears a black eyeshade on his right eye and only takes it off while sleeping and bathing.

Comment: comparing with fame, Ciel Phantomhive is more interested in seeing how Colin Sebastian looks like while failing. He is calm, sedate and overbearing. He has almost never smiled due to the childe-like individuality. Like black tea and white rose, he is also a master-hand on any game, feeling rather proud.

Top 7: Lelouch Vie Britannia from Code Geass

Lelouch Vie Britannia is calm and sedate. He maintains his target unhesitatingly and spares no effort to realize it. In order to make his dream come true, he is willing to be lonely. Leaving a route of retreat and hiding the identity while fighting, Lelouch Vie Britannia can master warfare like controlling a game. He is clever and incredibly talented in international chess. So he has joined in so many gamble games as an agent.

Comment: Lelouch Vie Britannia is extremely cold-hearted and also rebellious. Having outstanding acting skill, intelligence and potently special power, he makes so many girls fall in deep love with him at the first glimpse. What most helps him win favor is his handsome appearance. An elegant prince-like look seems tall and cool. You will even feel envious to him when he wears females’ clothes. The last episode is an especially crucial part, in which he sacrifices and creates another new immortal monument in the anime history. Lelouch Vie Britannia is absolutely a great male character who can’t be neglected or forgotten by all people.

Top 8: Edgar. JC. Ashenbert from Earl and Fairy

In spite of being born in an aristocratic family, Edgar. JC. Ashenbert was sold out by an organization mastered by the prince. On the one hand, he plans to revenge. And on the other hand, he shows his love to Lydia Carlton Ashenbert. It’s really difficult to understand his real intention. Anyway, he owns a wise head and aristocratic obligation.

Comment: Edgar. JC. Ashenbert inherits Green knight earl’s name and has blond hair and purple eyes. It’s unknown whether he is a gentleman or a rascal because his personality is unpredictable and mysterious. He is cool and cute, XD.

Top 9: L (L•Lawliet) from Death Note

He often wears a white long sleeved or middle sleeved T-shirt and light blue loose jeans. His back is bent. He has obvious dark circles because of drinking too much coffee while staying up all night to handle a case. L•Lawliet is interested in eating dessert and reasoning. He is accustomed to sitting on a chair, with both legs life up to the chair. People call him a world-class detective.

Comment: L•Lawliet is incredibly clever. He always thinks calmly and behaves strangely. He is naive. And it’s definitely such a boy, who combines incompatible features on his personality, creates the most legendary image in the detective history.

Top 10: Kaede Rukawa from Slam Dunk

Kaede Rukawa is a basketball player with all-sided skills. He is called as the super new star. Meanwhile, he is the player who wins the most favor from girls. As a main player to score in the Shohoku Team, he is considered to be an attack ghost. He has a strong intension to win and a powerful group of fans.

Comment: Kaede Rukawa seems like indifferent. But actually, he has capabilities to gain an insight to everything. He is unsophisticated, kind and doesn’t hold a grudge. He has a heart that is as clear as a transparent crystal. Having a simple and pure individuality, Kaede Rukawa more quickly feel the true and kind personality of other people. He dislikes speaking. But he isn’t lonely, indifferent or awkward on speaking. His laughing at Sakuragi Hanamichi is just a joke among companions.

So, is your favorite character also included above?

Top 10 Classic Anime – Go with 80s’ Grow-up

Lots of interesting, exciting, frustrating or horrific things happened during everybody’s growth path. But surely, not everything leaves a deep impression for us. In most cases, cartoon or animation will be deeply remembered. Then, when it comes to classic anime that goes with 80s’ grow-up, how many do you still remember now? Below, let’s take a look at 10 anime that are considered to be the most classic for 80s.

Top 1: Arale – Relaxing

Arale is another amusing masterpiece from Akira Toriyama, themed on an unbeatable machine baby. Lots of 80s dreamed of having an Arale at that time. The story is exaggerating and funny, winning favor from both boys and girls. It makes us feel relaxed. Villains’ ending is often miserable yet also comedic.

Top 2: Flash Kicker – Inspirational

Flash Kicker by Yoichi Takahashi is one of the most popular sports anime in 90s. It does not only arouse a wave in the anime industry, but also makes more Japanese youngsters fall in love with this athletics. Tsubasa Ozora, Taro Misaki and Genzo Wakabayashi represent numerous athletes who are fond of football and run on the football ground. Although plots are so conventional and the capability of Tsubasa Ozora and Japanese team is unlimitedly exaggerated, these flaws didn’t cover the shine on the anime at all during that time.

Top 3: Ranma 1/2 – Comedic

This is the most important anime produced by Takahashi Rumiko in the earlier stage. Like Arale, it’s relaxing and humorous. But funny style on Ranma affects lots of anime works in the later. Most of 80s are yearning for this anime. Even though Inuyasha draws most attention at present, it still can’t surpass the popularity of Ranma, which stole the show at that time.

Top 4: Detective Conan – Unveiling the Truth

It refers to an inferential anime created by Aoyama Gōshō, rather popular. 2,500,000 volumes of offprint are sold on average and it’s serialized till now. Comparing with above anime, this one is much younger. But tense plots and appropriate atmosphere make readers immerse in the anime. Although some cases feel too simple or naive while being compared with Kindaichi Hajime, Conan’s image charm is far stronger than Kindaichi Hajime’s. This anime makes us remember the sentence: there is only one truth.

Top 5: Touch – Sweet yet Bitter

Mitsuru Adachi is an author, who is good at seizing characters’ inner world. Touch is also a sports anime. But I prefer to consider it to be an emotion anime. Baseball is just a carrier. With its help, the author writes down love that is most sincere and true. He makes readers personally experience this love. While recalling, you will feel sweet and also a little bitter. Maybe, this is exactly that what Mitsuru Adachi wants to express. Fine description, anime roles’ eye contact and words they wish to speak but stop on a second thought all make us feel the emotion that only oozes out from love.

Top 6: Gundam – Epic

What does Gundam stand for? In Japan, it definitely symbolizes a monument or an epic. Actually speaking, I don’t like anime themed on outer space. But great influence made by Gundam can’t be neglected at all. So far, Gundam series is the most successful anime in inspiring people to produce peripherals. A set of genuine Gundam model is deeply loved by Gundam devotees. For sure, it’s sold on a little expensive price. Gains brought by this anime are absolutely incomparable with what other common anime created.

Top 7: Saint Seiya – Childhood

What does Saint Seiya mean? Yes, it stands for childhood – 80s’ childhood, who saw Japanese anime when they were children. Those mysterious Greece legends, dazzling stoles and rather beautiful move names do leave such a deep impression on lots of 80s. More than 20 years have gone. Other anime from Masami Kurumada has been forgotten. But Saint Seiya will be forever remembered. Names like Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun and Ikki can’t be effaced however many years later.

Top 8: Doraemon – Dream

It’s known as Amon, Tinker Bell, Machine Cat and uniformly called as Doraemon at last. Protagonist also has lots of names like Nobi, Nobita, etc. Both of these can illustrate how influential Doraemon was at that time. People who watched Doraemon loved to dream and dream to be Doraemon. I also want to have a machine cat or a magical bag. Fujiko F. Fujio leaves us with a dream or a wish. In 80s, Japan was in a phase of economic crisis. Anime industry was also impacted intensely. Fortunately, there was Doraemon, which gave the nation a dream. And it’s exactly people who dreamed that became mainstream and backbone of the Japanese society, who helped the economy in Japan rise again.

Top 9: Slam Dunk – Perfect

Roles in Slam Dunk are warm-blooded, funny, fighting and emotional. I really can’t come up with another anime that can perfectly fuse all of these elements in that era. Yes, only Slam Dunk did this! It’s loved by both boys and girls. In most cases, people will like one manga yet dislike another one. This even makes sense on Saint Seiya, Doraemon and Dragon Ball. But Slam Dunk is an exception, which draws favor from all people. Anybody will fall in love with it once watching. You can’t help but feeling fascinated with it, maybe because of Rukawa Kaede, Sakuragi Hanamichi, Hisashi Mitsui or Takenori Akagi. Anyway, there must be a role you like. Slam Dunk is a masterpiece from Inoue Takehiko. Probably, you also complain why such a wonderful anime is made to be only 101 episodes. Why does it end so fast? Maybe, it’s like Venus. Mutilation is also a kind of beauty, which is definitely Inoue Takehiko’s aesthetic viewpoint.

Top 10: Dragon Ball Z – A Monument Work

If you didn’t watch Dragon Ball in the early 90s, you may be not an oppidan. But if you didn’t hear of Dragon Ball, you should not a terran, XD. Akira Toriyama is worthy of a master. He used several roles from the Chinese classical literature “The Journey To The West” and quickly opened a path on the Japanese anime market. In the early stage of Dragon Ball before the evil of Piccoro appeared, he used a comedic pattern, which was the same with what’s used in Arale. Then, when it came to Piccoro, Saiyan and Namekian, Dragon Ball was changed. It became a tremendous work or an insuperable peak. We can’t know how many people were watching Dragon Ball at that time. But we can know how many people were not watching Dragon Ball. This is exactly the charm of Dragon Ball. Seven Dragon Balls changed the world and the universe. Are there really Dragon Balls in the world? I have been thinking about this till now.

Then, is there any other anime that leaves a unique or deep impression for you in the childhood? For me, I more like Kindaichi.

Top 10 Pretty Anime Girls

Among frequently launched votes, the most beautiful anime girls or the coolest anime boys seem like eternally hot topics. Below is exactly another poll themed on pretty girls in Japanese anime. Ten girls are believed to stand out. Now, let’s take a look.

Top 1: Teresa from Claymore

In an era when human beings became food for demons, some people transplanted demons’ flesh and blood into females’ bodies. Females become monsters that carry features of both humans and demons to fight against evil spirits. All of them carry big swords. Humans and demons, who feel afraid and disgusted about them, call them claymore.

Even though claymores have bodies that look like humans’ and also demons’, all of them have tall figures, blond hair and silver eye pupils, seeming rather pretty. And exactly due to beautiful appearance, they are also called as silver eye pupil succubaes. Teresa is the most powerful claymore. She will never release her demon force however strong monsters she meets. Never will there be ugly distortion on her comely face! Having a forever beautiful and dolce look, she will charm the crowd once smiling. But her heart is filled with loneness and sadness. Because of being powerful and graceful, Teresa also seems rather aloofly proud and cold. Until meeting Clare, she perceived her life meaning. Without any hesitation, she fights for Clare and also for herself. Teresa, who is strong and brave, smiles forever.

Top 2: Euphemia Li from Code Geass

Euphemia Li, the third princess in the superpower Britannia, is an innocent, happy, kind and dolce girl. She is almost an incarnation for perfectness, who spares no efforts to build a Special Administrative Zone of Japan in the region under Mount Fuji and make people there equally coexist with Britannia people. But since her plan totally violates her brother’s intention, she is killed finally. In spite of being a princess, Euphemia doesn’t have political right and feel helpless and hesitant.

Top 3: Kikyo from Inuyasha

Being powerful, Kikyo was the psychic before her death, who guarded the soul jade. Because of falling in love with semi-demon Inuyasha, she was used by Naraku, who stole the soul jade and scapegoated to Inuyasha. After sealing Inuyasha, she also died. 50 years later, seal on Inuyasha was removed by Higurashi Kagome. Kikyo also revived by witchcraft. Then, these three persons developed into an entangling relation. Different with Kagome’s innocence and kindness, Kikyo is more clever, lonely and more beautiful. A dead, yet still living person, who got rid of the constraint of soul jade, can hate and love freely. But owing to sadness in the heart, her love for Inuyasha tends to become more intense.

Top 4: Haibara Ai from Detective Conan

As cold as Kikyo, Haibara Ai feels more amiable because environment around her is closer to reality. Having tawny hair, white complexion and azure blue eyes, she is a Japanese and British mix-blooded with a breathtaking appearance. Besides, she is also a medical genius with super high intelligence, who makes people can’t help but falling in deep love with her.

Top 5: Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Any anime lover should know Ayanami Rei, who is considered to be the goddess in the anime world. A clone warrior with blue hair and red eyes seems cold yet actually warm-hearted. Even though seeming cool anytime, her stunning prettiness charms all people while smiling. She defeated the queen in the Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind and created an unprecedented miracle in the Japanese anime world.

Top 6: C.C from Code Geass

Here is another cool beauty — queen of C.C. She leaves a deep impression on lots of people by ageless appearance, eternal life, mysterious past, graceful queen-like accent and a loyal customer for Pizza Hut.

Top 7: Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed

Lacus Clyne is the favorite on animation festivals in recent years, who won the laurel of the most popular female character frequently. She has elegant long hair in pink, pride and charming smile. To be honest, she should appear on the “top 5” list. But in Japan where ten batches of pretty anime girls are born every day, Lacus Clyne has no longer been young.

Top 8: Sakura from Reservoir Chronicle

Princess Sakura seems more dolce and cute under dreamlike and romantic painting style adopted by Clamp.

Top 9: Sanzenin Nagi from Hayate the Combat Butler

Being cute and arrogant, Sanzenin Nagi is irresistibly appealing. Double golden ponytails make her seem so kawaii, XDD.

Top 10: Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach

Kuchiki Rukia is different with any of above girls. And you may think she is not as beautiful as above girls. But if you are a devotee for Bleach and have known temperament of this girl, you will change your thought. Being calm, kind and brave, she is undoubtedly beautiful.

Everybody has his/her own “top beautiful anime girls” in mind. So, have you also found your favorite girls in those fictional stories? Why not share with us below?