How to Make Magical Girl Tomoe Mami’s Long Gun?

After knowing many tutorials on making cosplay props, weapons and costumes, we plan to learn how to make Magical Girl Tomoe Mami’s long gun today. For sure, it’s easy, especially when you have grasped below tips. Now, let’s begin.

This is Tomoe Mami with her gun.

Required tools: scissor, art designing knife.
Materials: EVA (5 mm thick), PVC pipes, foamed board, mighty bond, white latex and automatic spray paint.

1. Draw the desirable size and decorative pattern on the paperboard.

2. Cut off the drawn pattern, which is definitely the pattern on the back part of the gun.

3. Put the paperboard on EVA that’s 5 mm thick and draw all lines. Use scissor or art designing knife to cut out the pattern. I used art designing knife to cut the decorative pattern. For sure, this depends on the skill of your handwork and patience.

4. Draw several under layers that are a little smaller than the decorative board. How small they should be depends on materials you use. Here, EVA is used. But wood or other materials will be different.

5. Stick the baseboard to the outside frame. Remember two baseboards and two frames are needed.

6. Draw the thickness and length of the gun on the paperboard.

7. Likewise, put the paperboard on EVA that’s 5 mm thick and cut out the shape. You can also omit the sixth step and directly cut the pattern on EVA board. After taking the measurement, draw by ruler and cut it off. Then, joint it with the decorative baseboard.

8. An empty box has been finished.

9. Find a PVC pipe and insert it into the box until it reaches the bottom. This pipe is 1 meter long. But how large it should be depends on the size of your box.

10. Cut apart the spearhead. Make details on the gun shaft by EVA that’s 1 mm thick. The front sight is made from foamed board or EVA that’s 5 mm thick. But EVA is much softer than foamed boards.

11. Make the trigger. Foamed board that’s 5 mm chick is adopted. Other materials like EVA with thickness of 5 mm are much softer.

12. Material used to make the trigger is also used to make the driving hammer part. Screw can be used to make the hammer movable.

13. The gun has been roughly finished.

14. When the external form has been completed, it’s time to color. Paint white latex twice on the EVA part. When it dries, begin to color. First paint black ground color. Then, essential color should be made by silver coating.

15. After coloring, it looks like this.

16. The gun is finished.

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