Hetalia Fanart Contest – Terumi Hosoda


Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name : Terumi Hosoda
Gender : Female
Nationality: Japanese
Social Networks: Deviantart

My obsession with Hetalia began when I first saw the series. I was incredibly bored in history class (and it’s assignments) and as I was doing my history report, I found the show on the featured shows of the day.
I clicked and became an instant fan πŸ™‚
I also like the series because of the beautiful fanarts others post about the characters and their past and I personally think it makes my generation of otakus aware of the world and it’s contents. Before Hetalia, I was absolutely unaware of current events. After Hetalia, I found that researching and learning about each countrys’ past are incredibly amusing and even fun! Also the show helped me find amazing friends and got me out of my gloomy mindset…so in other words, Hetalia saved my life πŸ™‚


Let’s enjoy Fanarts of Terumi’s!

1. Tsundere Act

Comments from the artist: I love USUK and it is my favorite pairing ever :3
So here we have dear Alfred with a comeback for Arthur’s tsundere act (which incidentally is the title of the fan art) Drawn by hand then colored by GIMP ver.2

2. Revolution

Comments from the artist: I drew this one at school with two colored pencils and a pencil when we were learning about the American Revolution *le gasp*
I felt so bad for England having to lose America πŸ™ but seriously Iggy, you were a jerk >:(

3. Sunset

Comments from the artist: A picture of Holy Rome and Chibitalia’s memory of enjoying a beautiful sunset.
I really adore this pairing for it’s really touching and cute! Plus I hope Germany gains his memories back and remember that ITALY IS CHIBITALIA AND LOVED HIM EVER SINCE THE 900’S
Drawn by hand, colored through GIMP ver.2

4. I Love You…

Comments from the artist: A picture of what I basically wanted to happen to these two during the Revolution. England feeling all sad and lonely then America coming back for him telling his last goodbye…. as for the moment πŸ˜‰
Drawn by hand, colored with my classmate’s colored pencils~

5. USUK in 3 forms

Comments from the artist: A lovely little doodle during my dull classtime featuring my OTP as humans, cats and mochis..
Drawn by hand with a pencil and fine tipped sharpie marker~

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