Couple Cosplay Contest – Tako and Peter

Couple Cosplay Contest

Couple Cosplay Contest in February

Tako  and Peter_1 1

Bio of the Cosplayers:

Name Tako Peter
Gender Female Male
Nationality China China
Facebook ChiibiTakko peterxii
Deviantart shirogami520 luffyxii

Cosplay Performance of Tako and Peter’s:

Tako  and Peter_1 1

Comments from the Cosplayers: Both Gumi’s dress and Gakupo’s vest was handcrafted by me from scrach minus the green petitecoat. I love making costumes for the both of us~! It makes the cosplays we do even more special and personal. (not to mention the outfits will fit us like gloves~! =3) We both love cosplays and that’s actually how we first met at Anime Expo years ago. Our common interests eventually turned a long-term friendship into something much more~ ♥

All picture credit goes to Champ on Who is not only an amazing photographer but an awesome cosplayer as well~!

Tako  and Peter_1 1

Tako  and Peter_1 1

Tako  and Peter_1 1


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