Hetalia Fanart Contest – SweetYamaneChan


Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name : SweetYamaneChan
Gender : Female
Nationality: Spanish
Social Networks: Devianart

Since always I’ve liked to draw… When I was a very little girl I used to draw fanart of the series that was watching in all the notebooks that there were at my house (and I still doing it ) My obsession for Hetalia began in the summer of 2010, when a friend recommended to watch it… And I don’t regret nothing!  It’s so cool! Because of Hetalia I have known really friendly and wonderful people, to those I love and I can call friends… And even though we are thousands of miles away there’s something that always bring us together and will never separate us. In short… I’m a fan of Hetalia to death! 


Let’s enjoy Fanarts of SweetYamaneChan’s!

1. Rochu – Russia and China

Russia and China
Comments from the artist: Rochu – Russia and China, made in Paint Tool SAI

2. Nyotalia: Dolce Paradiso

Nyotalia: Dolce Paradiso
Comments from the artist: Nyotalia: Dolce Paradiso – Genderbent version of Hetalia, better known as Femmetalia or Nyotalia. Characters (from left to right and top to bottom): Nyo! Italy, Nyo! France, Nyo! Russia, Nyo! Germany, Nyo! Japan, Nyo! America and Nyo! England. Made in Paint Tool SAI.

3. SpaHol – Spain and Holland/The Netherlands

SpaHol - Spain and Holland/The Netherlands
Comments from the artist: SpaHol: Sharing a scarf – Spain and Holland/The Netherlands. Made in SAI

4. Japan

Comments from the artist: Japan: Roses for you – Japan, made in SAI

5. Russia

Comments from the artist: Russia: Obviously it’s Russia. Made in GIMP.

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