New Arrival on Jan. 30 – Street Fighter Chun Li Black Cosplay Costume

Except the blue one, we also offer you this Street Fighter Chun Li black cosplay costume, sold on $81.44. Like any other displayed in our store, it’s an elaborately made item, making you look the same with the imaginary role and feel comfortable. Believe it or not, this costume will be the long-awaited item for you, since it has already ideally catered to most cosplay fans’ needs :P!

Street Fighter Chun Li Black Cosplay Costume_1

First, whether the Chun Li costume is faithful to what’s described in the original manga or not becomes the most crucial aspect you will consider, right? Here, real product pictures are all taken by ourselves, helping you clearly know each small detail of the costume. A cheongsam, sash and hair accessories are provided. Wonderful accuracy is guaranteed everywhere. Second, the costume is made from deluxe satin, looking rather glossy.

Street Fighter Chun Li Black Cosplay Costume_2

We offer international shipping in a fast way anytime. Once you are interested in this popular performance art, we will always delight you. This Chun Li costume is available on regular size S, M, L and XL. But to make it fit everybody, we also offer custom-made service. Now, check it out or visit to see more choices?

New Arrival on Jan. 21 – Street Fighter Ryu Adult Cosplay Costume

All products at are sold with 10% discount during the coming festival (from Jan 22nd to 28th). Featuring classy quality and great accuracy, cosplay costumes and any other item offered here will delight you. They are all manufactured in our own factory, better guaranteeing the quality. So, check out your long-awaited item now?

Street Fighter Ryu Adult Cosplay Costume_1

Here, Street Fighter Ryu Adult cosplay costume is reviewed. All the time, Ryu cosplay leads a big force in this field. To complete the vivid look, this costume will be the must-have item for you. It includes a jacket, trousers and sash. In spite of the unadorned style, designers have still made an elaborate analysis about the fictional style before cutting the cloth, ensuring 100% similarity. With real product pictures taken by ourselves, you can more clearly know the feature of the costume, right?

Street Fighter Ryu Adult Cosplay Costume_2

You can visit our store to see all Street Fighter costumes. Shop here, you will always be delighted by deluxe comfort on each costume. This one is also made from classy cotton, which can be easily washed in cold water and feels incredibly supple and ventilated. Ryu costume is sold on $95.31 here. Regular size S, M, L and XL can be chosen. But most people still tend to let their costumes to be customized. We offer worldwide shipping. Check out the Ryu costume here.

New Arrival on Jan. 4 – Street Fighter Akuma Adult Cosplay Costume

Did you have a great time during the past holiday? Welcome to and thanks for your attention all the time. To cooperate with more cosplay/manga lovers, we launched two contests last Sunday, focusing on Bleach and Axis Powers Hetalia. Just take a look.

Street Fighter Akuma Adult Cosplay Costume

Here, Street Fighter Akuma Adult Cosplay Costume is reviewed. You must not feel strange with what we share here all the time. These product pictures are taken by ourselves. And all costumes are made in our own factory, better guaranteeing the quality undoubtedly. This Akuma costume includes a jacket, trousers and sash. In spite of being rather simple, it’s still carefully sewn, ensuring to look the same with what original manga describes.

Street Fighter Akuma Adult Cosplay Costume1

Shop at, you can let your costume to be customized. We also offer you regular sizes from S to XL. Here, luxurious cotton is always adopted, making all costumes look and feel great. You can wash it in cold water and line it dry. This is easy, right? Staffs working in the Customer Service Department will reply to any question from you within 1 working day. The costume will be shipped out fast anytime. So, check it out on $101.98 now?

Daily Cosplay – Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplay

Chun Li Cosplay

It’s totally believed Chun Li cosplay is nothing strange for cosplay fans. It’s an evergreen theme in the cosplay industry. Since crossplay is much easier, even many male cosplayers show strong interest in bringing this cartoon character into reality. Today, Elin-Kuzunoha was found by us – an excellent cosplay girl who shows us a stunning Street Fighter Chun Li cosplay. Her big eyes seem appealing, right? Her complexion looks great with the color on the costume. I especially love her big pearl earrings, which ideally flatter her white skin tone. This is a Japanese girl, who has created many splendid cosplay works in her gallery. You may also be interested in taking a look now?