Daily Cosplay-Steampunk Psylocke

“Psylocke has been one of the characters that I have wanted to cosplay for a long time. At the time of planning to cosplay her, I still had a fear of sewing spandex. Luckily, another cosplayer, Kris Lee, was selling one of her older Psylocke costumes. We arranged a cosplay trade and I received her very well made costume soon after. Once I tried it on, I realized just how extremely uncomfortable I was with how naked Psylocke is. As much as I wanted to be her, I wasn’t ready to let 98% of my butt show to the public. At a recent convention, a friend of mine, Kio, had made a burlesque themed Domino– and that’s when it hit me, I could do that too. The next day I started working on a bustle skirt with left-over fabric. I had been dying to do a burlesque type of steampunk themed cosplay for a while and I was overly excited to actually make it happen. Somehow, giving Psylocke a burlesque theme was making her much more modest. (When normally that works the other way around) I finished up my alterations to the costume just in time for CONtraflow SciFi. I really enjoyed how it came out and the positive feedback I received. I definitely want to do more steampunk in the future.”