New Arrival on April 10 – Soul Eater Chrona Cosplay Costume

Stunning coosplay costumes are reviewed on this blog. Hope you can find your desirable costume here! Today Soul Eater Chrona Cosplay Costume is introduced to you. You can take a close look at the pictures of the costume below. Wanna buy it for your coming cosplay show? Sold at $55.59, the Soul Eater Cosplay Costume for Chrona is excellent in quality without breaking your budget.

Soul Eater Chrona Cosplay Costume

The Crona cosplay costume includes a dress with long sleeves. Classy material is used to make the costume to bring ultra softness and comfort to you all day long. The costume features high accuracy as every detail is made strictly according to the original manga style. Become an envy of your friends by wearing this Chrona costume in the show 🙂 ! Wash it in cold water and line dry. The costume surely can last you for a long time.

Soul Eater Chrona Cosplay Costume1

You can choose the costume from Women S, M, L, and XL at our site. Of course, custom made service is available to help you get a perfect fit on the costume. We offer economic shipping and fast shipping. If you can wait for a period, then you can choose economic shipping method when placing your order. It will save a lot on the shipping costs. provides a wide range of costumes at cheap prices. Visit this store now to get one now?

New Arrival on Mar. 7 – Soul Eater Soul Evans Cosplay Costume

You are lucky to be led to :D! A group of well experienced designers and tailors work here. Our goal is to satisfy each devotee for cosplay! Operating a clothing factory personally, we are more confident to achieve this actually. So, do you have a costume plan? Pay our homepage a visit, you must be delighted by what’s provided there!

Soul Eater Soul Evans Cosplay Costume_1

This is a costume that enables you to do a vivid Soul Evans cosplay. It’s sold on $63.59 with fast shipping worldwide. Manufactured in our own factory, it’s ensured to be faithful to what you saw in the original manga. Including a jacket, trousers and headband, it’s carefully made from luxurious cotton! This cloth is easy to be cleaned. Wash it in cold water and line it dry directly.

Soul Eater Soul Evans Cosplay Costume_2

We offer regular sizes ranging from S to XL. Aside from this, custom-made service is also supported here. While placing the order, you will be required to fill in a detailed measurement of your body. Your costume will be processed and shipped out in the shortest time. Customer service is available via phone, email and chat online. Feel free to check out your desired costume at anytime!

New Arrival on Jan. 10 – Soul Eater Death the Kid Cosplay Costume

Does Death the Kid cosplay also draw the attention from you? If so, you must be lucky to find this costume. It’s a new arrival in our factory, helping you vividly cosplay as Death the Kid. It’s sold on $83.85. For sure, you will find lower price than this one. But believe it or not, you won’t feel regretful if ordering it at now!

Soul Eater Death the Kid Cosplay Costume

The Soul Eater Death the Kid Cosplay Costume is made from cotton. It’s not been a secret that quality and accuracy are top 2 aspects considered by all designers and manufacturers working in our factory. Also, this makes sense on this costume. Luxurious cotton is adopted, ensuring 100% suppleness and durability. It includes a shirt, jacket, suspender trousers and scarf. Since the anime style got an elaborate analysis before the cloth is cut, wonderful accuracy is guaranteed undoubtedly!

Soul Eater Death the Kid Cosplay Costume1

You can wash the costume in cold water and line it dry directly. Here, you can choose among regular sizes from S to XL. But to make the costume better fit you, we also offer you custom-made service. While placing your order, you will be guided on filling in your measurement on your height, bust, waist and hip. If you have other special requirements about the costume, just fill in more. We will ship the costume worldwide via fast shipping method anytime. Contact us if any problem or suggestion. Now, check out the Death the Kid costume on $83.85 here?

Daily Cosplay – Soul Eater Maka Albarn Cosplay

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Cosplay

Actually speaking, we are glad to find breathtaking cosplay pictures and show them here. Either for fun or for finding some inspirations to your own cosplay performance, you will find what we share here are interesting. Today, German girl MyuCat is found by us. Yes, she is another cosplay talent. This is her Soul Eater Maka Albarn cosplay. I didn’t plan to omit it once finding it. She seems appealing, right? Dark eyes and white complexion make her look great. Black overcoat is cool. But checked skirt ideally accents the cute sense. Nobody can deny this is a great cosplay picture. To see more, just visit her gallery please.