New Arrival on Nov. 23 – Macross Frontier SMS Team Cosplay Costume

You will always find cosplay costumes fitting the current trends in the cosplay industry at All costumes are made in our own factory. So, the quality and accuracy can be better guaranteed. This is the Macross Frontier SMS Team Cosplay Costume, sold on $58.31. To enhance your SMS member cosplay performance, you will need it.

Macross Frontier SMS Team Cosplay Costume

We carefully choose the cloth to be used to make any costume. Before making, a strict analysis on the cartoon character is done, guarantees extreme similarities between the fictional style and real costume. This Macross Frontier costume includes a jacket, coat and trousers. You can see detailed reviews on the cloth, handwork and length at the product page. With it, you will easily do an outstanding SMS cosplay.

Macross Frontier SMS Team Cosplay Costume1

Everybody can do a cosplay. In consideration of this, except regular size S, M, L and XL, we offer custom-made service too. To customize a costume here, you just need to tell us your size on height, bust, waist and hip. Parents, if your kids are also interested in a certain cosplay, don’t be hesitant to make a costume for him/her in our cosplay store now. Here, classy cotton is used, ensuring 100% comfort and health.

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