Daily Cosplay – Shugo Chara Rima Mashiro Cosplay

Shugo Chara Rima Mashiro Cosplay

One of our interviewers told us she considered cosplay as a kind of lifestyle. I do agree with this. Instead of regarding it as a simple performance art that’s loved by many people, I’m glad because I often have a good time while making me look the same with my favorite cartoon character. So, do you also think so? Today, an Indonesian girl who is known as LuksakiCrosszeria on DA joined in our daily cosplay. This is her Shugo Chara Rima Mashiro cosplay. It’s believed most cosplay fans don’t feel strange about this role, right? This cosplay girl definitely did a good job in creating a vivid Rima Mashiro cosplay. Without exaggerating make-up, she seems rather natural and appealing. Checked skirt accentuates the cute sense of her appearance. Do you also think the blond hair looks great with her complexion? Kagamine Len is one of her favorite cartoon characters. To see more information about this pretty cosplay girl, just pay a visit to her site please.

New Arrival on June23-Shugo Chara Amu Hinamori Cosplay Costume

Today we are glad to tell you a new Shugo Chara Cosplay Costume has been added to our New Arrival. Want to pop out from other Amu Hinamori cosplayers? This comfortable and durable costume will be a must in your wardrobe.

Shugo Chara Amu Hinamori Cosplay Costume

This Amu Hinamori costume comes with a jacket, shirt, skirt, tie and knee guard. The supple uniform cloth will definitely promise you great comfort and high quality. Sizes S, M, L and XL can be chosen. Check out it and enjoy the approaching cosplay show!

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