Daily Cosplay-Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Cosplay

Here the picture shows us a Russian girl, called Kandadream on Deviantart. She is a model from Moscow. Besides architecture and photography, anime& cosplay are her favorite interest. This is her Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome cosplay. The water on the picture is real. That’s for making a difference from other Sheryl Nome cosplays. By the way, the costume, accessories and make-up are fully made by her hands. Stunning? More artworks are available in her gallery!

Daily Cosplay – Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Cosplay

Knowing Puppetgirl94, an English girl who is fond of sketch and cosplay, would go to an anime convention yesterday, I’ve been waiting for her photos on the expo. But till just now, only this one taken before she went to the London MCM expo was found. Anyway, with legs crossed, she seems breathtakingly pretty with the white-and-blue Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome cosplay dress, X=D. Just visit her gallery to see her up-to-date cosplay works.

Daily Cosplay-Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Cosplay

Another excellent cosplayer is found by us today. This is Puchys, who is also named Saku Jullian. She is from a country where the people speak in Spanish. As a cosplay devotee, this sexy girl has created 114 deviations during 4 years’ cosplay life. Above is her Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome cosplay. Just go to deviantart for more stunning cosplay performance made by her.

Cosplay Tutorial-How To Make Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome’s Microphone

Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome cosplay is really popular, we have blog Sheryl Nome cosplay twice in our blog, you can check it  here and here . Besides Sheryl Nome’s cosplay costumes,maybe you are looking for ideas or tutorials to make the wireless microphone for Sheryl Nome.Just check the original photo below :

Then check the inforgraphic below for tutorials details :


Additional resources about making Sheryl Nome’s mic: