Cosplayer Interview with DenikaKiomi


The talented girl, showing us the breathtaking Pandora Hearts Sharon Rainsworth cosplay, accepts our interview today. Thanks, DenikaKiomi ;)!

1. Since cosplay becomes more and more popular, how do you think about the good things and also bad things on this performance art?

Cosplay as any art takes a toll. It’s a bad thing. Cosplay needs a lot of money, time and nerves. But it has also a good side. You turn into the character, understand his world and act as in theatre. You live another life.

2. Do you consider yourself a “cosplayer” year round, or only when participating in certain activities?

I think myself a cosplayer all the year as I make all the costumes by myself and this work reminded me constantly who I am ^^.


3. Going to a venue with many people to watch you in costume and simply taking a photograph, which one is more meaningful?

I like more venues with lots of people. They can appreciate your work seeing de visu. It can’t be conveyed by a photo.

4. Is the creation of the costume or characters more valuable than the actual acting or vice versa, or is it a mix? As well, how much of the do-it-yourself mentality is admired? If someone just bought their whole costume, are they still a true cosplayer?

I think they are the parts of the work. You make a costume, then perform. I can’t single out one thing. You can cosplay once, but in such a way that you will be remembered forever. I think that those who buy costumes are not cosplayers. I can’t understand their idea. How can you call a costume yours if you haven’t done a thing in it? *–*


5. Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?

Yes, I have. But I have a lot of advice. However, if you ask just one, I want to say that the important thing is to listen to your heart and believe in yourselves.

6. Which contest theme do you mostly want to see at

Mostly I want to see the contests on Final Fantasy. These are my favorite games. I didn’t cosplay on the final fantasy, and I’d love to see pictures of the participants.

Daily Cosplay – Pandora Hearts Sharon Rainsworth Cosplay

Pandora Hearts Sharon Rainsworth Cosplay

I just chose one to be shown here. Visit DenikaKiomi’s gallery to see all photos. Yeh, this is the Pandora Hearts Sharon Rainsworth cosplay done by this Belarussian cosplay girl. It’s believed you will also fall in deep love with her Axis Powers Hetalia cosplay, Kuroshitsuji Alois Trancy cosplay etc displayed in her gallery once paying there a visit. Overwhelming appealing appearance is achieved there. This girl is fond of cosplay, drawing, music and anime. If permitted, we will let you know more about her later :D.