Black Butler Sebastian Contract Tutorial

sebastian contract tutorial

This tutorial is made by Vickie from Deviantart. It’s nice of her to do this for us cosplayers. With Vickie’s approval, I’d like to share it with our visitors here.

Things you need:

You don’t have to use what I have exactly. Items listed are what I own. You may use whatever you prefer.


-Makeup remover

-Black liquid eyeliner

-Black/dark gray eyeshadow

-Black eyeliner pencil

-Eyeliner brush

-White eyeliner pencil

-Black cream eyeliner

-Reference picture

Use white eyeliner and lightly draw a large circle on your left hand.

Draw a second, smaller circle inside the large one.

Draw a 5-point star inside the smaller circle, slightly angled.

Draw a line on the outer circle at each point of the star.

On the outer line, draw 3 lines in between each star-point line.

Place a few drops of eyedrops into the black eyeshadow. Mix it with the eyeliner brush.

With eyeliner brush, trace over/refine sketch with eyeshadow.

Choose one to trace over final sketch:

Black liquid eyeliner – liquid is more shiny, tattoo-like.

Black cream eyeliner – cream is more dull but smooth.

The spikes are DIAMOND shape. They are longer on the outside of the circle than the inside.

All done! Just paint your nails black and you’re all set.

Make up remover to get everything off when you are done being Sebastian.

Have fun!

Author bio: This tutorial is made by Vickie from Deviantart. You can also find her at twitter and youtube.