San Diego Comic Con International 2011 – A Visual Feast

San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 had been generated during July 21-24. It’s definitely a pageant. This is one of our customers Alfredo Garcia Jr, who went to that visual feast and shared us with some funny & meaningful pictures. Thanks, Alfredo Garcia Jr, for wearing the Lycra Spandex Fantastic Four Zentai Costume bought from us. Now, let’s follow him to enjoy that pageant.

San Diego Comic Con International 2011

Being founded in 1970 by Shel Dorf and a group of San Deigans, San Diego Comic-Con International is a traditionally four-day event. It’s held from Thursday to Sunday. And Comic-Con refers to the name of the annual event and also the common name of the organization.

From the three-hour preview on Wednesday night, professionals, exhibitors and some guests had been busy with pre-registering for all four days. On this day, the San Diego Convention Center was filled with forklifts, scissors, lifts – all kinds of lifts and people who were building the “cities” – the programming rooms.


Then, the pageant happened on July 21. Most excellent works were displayed and the biggest event today must be the Star Wars Fan Movie Awards in Ballroom 20, beginning at 8:30 PM.


On July 22, the second day of Comic-Con, more great programs and shopping chances in the giant Exhibit Hall were displayed. On the night, people visited that day’s big event: Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards!


On July 23, the worldwide famous Comic-Con Masquerade was held. Sponsored by HBO’s True Blood, it’s generated in Ballroom 20 from 8:30.


At the last day of SDCC, a stunning series of comics-oriented progrmas were shown. At the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival, a full slate of films for kids in any age group were displayed.


Unfortunately, there will be a morning soon. Crews were dismantling final pieces of Comic-Con, which will soon become a precious memory. Fortunately, Comic-Con 2012 will arrive on July 12-15, 51 weeks later, XD. That must be another grand show!