Daily Cosplay – Final Fantasy II Princess Hilda Cosplay

Final Fantasy II Princess Hilda Cosplay

If you are fond of fantastic cosplay works, you must fall in love with what Lady-Liliana uploaded to her gallery on Deviantart.com. Irresistible elegance and femininity are detected from her cosplay. To be sexy and cool seems like becoming so easy for this Canadian girl. She is absolutely a fan for cosplay, who has specially strong favor for Final Fantasy. This is her Final Fantasy II Princess Hilda cosplay. As charming as any other cosplay shown in her gallery, this picture is taken by the amazing photographer DROO. Lady-Liliana did a vivid Hilda cosplay here, right? Both costumes and props greatly enrich her powerful allure. To know more about this cosplay talent, don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to her site now.