Fans Attention – Ultimate “The Most” list In Dragon Ball



Dragon Ball maybe the most popular Aimes in history, Thousand of thousand people including us can not forget our cherish memory with dragon ball ,even it can not update any more, but all of us know , one day, our lovely characters in Dragon Ball will be back !

So Today, recalling our memories for Dragon Ball, decide to make a “The most” lists in Dragon Ball for lovely Dragon Ball fans worldwide !

1. The Most Loyal character in Dragon Ball – kulilin

Even though Piccolo, Vegeta and some other people finally submitted to Son Goku, they still remembered one principle: they would exterminate enemies together with Son Goku and then ruled the world. Only kulilin, who made the debut in the third scene, accompanied and grew up with the hero. He is loyal to the hero and dies times for the hero. Although he has rather ordinary power, he should be the strongest one among all terrans. To express the gratitude for him, Akira Toriyama specially sends him androids 18 as his wife.

2. The Cleverest character in Dragon Ball: Piccolo

In the later stage of the story, even though Piccolo assimilated together with other two compatriots successively, their strength had tended to become rather mediocre. But he inherited the tradition from Namekian, owning amazing wisdom and giving advice on Son Goku’s battles. He was definitely the military counselor for Son Goku’s army group.

3.The Most Afraid of Death character in Dragon Ball: Yajirobe

Yajirobe took a role that was charge of conveying the Holy Beans. He hid at the back in each fight and even planned to make friends with Vegeta. To be honest, Oolong should also be added into this collection. But Yajirobe more frequently appeared in the story. Thus, he got this “laurel”.

4. . The Most Disappointing character in Dragon Ball: Kaiōshin

He made the debut together with Kibito on a joust tournament. He was floating in the air, impressing people by overwhelmed mysterious and oppressive feeling, which caused Piccolo to consider him as a powerful rival and gave up the match. But later, Piccolo found Kaiōshin played just an insignificant role and could not help at all. This made Kaiōshin only a funny role in the story.

5.The Most Depressed character in Dragon Ball: Dabura

As the Demon King, he should make wonderful performances on the stage. But it seems like the destiny makes a big fool of him. His first battle was ceased because Babidi found Vegeta’s vicious soul. Then, in his second battle, he met Majin Buu, who made him become a biscuit and eat him only after several rounds. How gloomy it is!

6.The Unluckiest characters Who Suffer from Their Own Actions: Pilaf and Babidi

Both of them spared no efforts to open the seal and let Demon King Piccolo and Majin Buu out to finish their dreams of ruling the world. But one was thrown out from the airplane. And another one was more miserable, who had his body smashed to pieces during the fight.

7. The Most Failing Reformation characters in Dragon Ball: Tao Pai Pai and Frieza

Both of them reformed their bodies after being defeated by Son Goku. But the results were the same. They were both beaten even more quickly.

8. The Most Prescient Parent in Dragon Ball: Chi-Chi

Knowledge is power, which definitely makes sense in this era. In the Dragon Ball period, which was full of fighting and killing, Chi-Chi still asked Son Goku to study everyday. He was really so considerate about Son Goku’s future.

9. The Most powerful but Retentive character in Dragon Ball: Son Goku

Master Roshi became a supporting player in the later stage of the story. But as the first teacher for Son Goku, he always got enough respect from Son Goku. And whoever Son Goku fight with later, he forever carried a word of “龟”, meaning tortoise on his back.

10. The Most lech characters in Dragon Ball: Master Roshi, Old Kai and Mighty Mask

All of them are lecherous. And it’s really difficult to figure out who is the most concupiscent person.

11. The Most Omnipotent character in Dragon Ball: Cell

He collected cells from each warrior and made man-made people. Whatever Son Goku could use, he was able to apply too, such as Turtle Devastation Wave, Taiyoken, Energy Circle Attack, Instantaneous Movement, etc. His omnipotence definitely made him the most popular villain.

12. The Most Gifted character in Dragon Ball : Dr. Brief (Bulma’s father)

He could repair celestial beings’ spacecraft to the originally intact pattern. Being able to duplicate a spaceship which could arrive the Namekian in five days, he was even much clever than Einstein, right?

13.The Most Shameless character in Dragon Ball: Satan

It’s needless to say this, right? Satan picked up the world hero’s billfold, making everybody feel so envious. But what delighted us was that Satan also did a good job in the fight with Majin Buu.

14. The Most Blurry Gender character in Dragon Ball: Androids 17

Honestly speaking, I have never made certain whether he is a man or woman till now.

15.The Most Aware about Self-protection: Ginyu Special Forces

Comparing with Son Goku and Vegeta, Ginyu Special Forces better understood it might cause a sprain on the neck if not doing warm-up exercises before a strenuous movement. But their warm-up exercise was really so ill-favored.

16. The Best Measure That Achieves Two Aims at Once: Cell Absorbed Androids 17 and 18

This did not only enhance Cell’s strength, but also greatly transformed his appearance, making him get rid of the ugly look and become a handsome role in the Dragon Ball team.

17.The Biggest Riddles: How Did Son Goku and Chi-Chi, Vegeta and Bulma, Klilyn and Androids 18 Gave Birth to Children?

Son Goku and Vegeta are both Saiyans. One was kind and excessively naive. Another was only interested in fight. How could they give birth to children? And referring to Androids 18, who was a man-made person after all, was he able to have a baby?

18.The Most Boring character in dragon ball: Leader of Red Ribbon Army

Dragon ball is the focus of the entire story, which causes scrambles between the kind and evil. But when it comes to the leader of Black Ribbon Army, he launched so many armies just in order to make him grow much taller. No wonder he infuriated Black Adjutant and was shot dead by Black Adjutant finally.

19. The Most Easily Fed characters in dragon ball: Namekian

They depend on only water for a living. Yehh, you will be able to keep 100 Namekian.:)

20. The Luckiest in dragon ball: Captain of Ginyu Special Forces

All villains in Dragon Ball were exterminated at the ending. Only the captain of Ginyu Special Forces survived owing to become a frog and finally escaped from Son Goku’s chasing.

21. The Easiest Destroyed Instrument in dragon ball : dragon ball Detector

Apparatus used to probe rivals’ fighting capacity usually exploded because of a sharp increase on opponents’ strength or were squashed by a certain person. A detector will cost a lot. Those barbarians seemed like not knowing how to cherish these items at all.

22. The Worst  Mathematics character in dragon ball : Chiaotzu

I do not know how old he is. But he was bad at the extremely easy calculation by counting fingers. This is really inferior, right?

23. The Coolest Vehicle in dragon ball : The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi

Son Goku was considered to be the most retentive person just now. Then, after learning Bukujutsu, will he forget Nimbus cloud? Let’s wait for the answer.

24.The Most Unfavorable Immortal in dragon ball: Karin

Owning features on both a cat and a mouse, is Karin really qualified to become an immortal? Anyway, since he offered Holy Beans to Son Goku, just forget this.

25.The Greatest Person  in dragon ball: Akira Toriyama

We are really deeply grateful to Akira Toriyama, who brings us such a far-reaching comic. Bow to him.