Daily Cosplay – Nana Serizawa Reira Cosplay

Nana Serizawa Reira Cosplay

Like it or not, craze for cosplay has spread to many countries across the globe. This is definitely a cosplay devotee from Singapore. She is known as Mirafish at Deviantart.com – a graceful name, right? Above picture shows us her Nana Serizawa Reira cosplay. I especially love the name she did for her photo “your story, my song”. What also draws my attention is her cosplay performance. Except vividly doing the Serizawa Reira cosplay, she is actually suitable for this cosplay theme. The wine red hair ideally flatters her white complexion. Exquisite hair pin accents the cute sense. But both the costume and the black gloves do great emphasis on her femininity. I thumb up for her performance, how about you? Visit her gallery to see more stunning works.